October 4, 2015

Not quite the weekend we expected, but made the best of it. Linker and the boys were supposed to go up to Maple Grove Raceway for the races, but with temperatures in the 40s and on and off rain, they stayed home. They only had one round of pro qualifying, and only a few cars actually made it down the track.

So instead, Seth continued to nurse a broken toe, and Linker and Ian went to go see The Martian down at the Senator. They both enjoyed it, and there was a pretty decent crowd in the theater.

Today after church, there wasn't too much activity. Deb and Seth went to puppet practice late in the afternoon and Ian went to his small group as well.

September 27, 2015

Linker took Friday off, so it was a nice extended weekend. Linker got in his last long run before the Baltimore Half with a 14 mile run down at Druid Hill Park. He and Deb then had a nice lunch at El Salto. We also had the back porch stained and sealed for the first time in a few years and it looks very nice.

Saturday Linker went for a quick 5K in the morning. In the early afternoon, he and Ian went to see Everest, which although sad, they both enjoyed.

Today only Deb and Ian went to church. Seth's toe had been bugging him since he landed on it wrong Friday night in his Tae Kwon Do class. After a trip to Prompt Care, they were pretty sure it was broken, so he has a boot on now and a doctor's appointment on Tuesday afternoon. Ian has his first real small group meeting of the Fall this afternoon after his retreat last week.

September 20, 2015

Weather was great last week, although it was really foggy Saturday morning and a little warmer than normal for this part of the year. Linker ran a 13-mile training run yesterday and it was very humid. He came back from his run soaked.

Ian spent this weekend at his youth group retreat at Sandy Hill Camp, which he enjoyed. In addition to the fellowship, he enjoyed the zip line and the rock climbing.

Yesterday Linker and Seth went to the Walters Art Museum and enjoyed making a coin impression and walking around the exhibits. JJ came over and played in the afternoon and then everyone stayed up for the Doctor Who season premiere.

Today after church, Deb continued to work on her latest book project while Seth finished a Lego set he had bought.

September 13, 2015

Had a good week, although a very rainy Saturday. Linker started off the day yesterday with a 12 mile run. He and Seth then went to both Charm City Run to use a coupon, and then to Falls Road Running where they picked up Linker's new shoes and some running socks for Seth.

The rest of the day was spent pretty much around the house given the wet weather. Linker and Deb watched the Teas A&M game versus Ball State which was the first home game in the renovated Kyle Field. The game ended up being a rout for the Aggies, but it was nice to see the new field.

Today after church, JJ came over to play with Seth for awhile. Linker and Ian went back to church for the kickoff of Ian's youth group for the year. After Linker mowed the front yard, he and Ian went down to 7-11 for a walk. Deb and Seth had puppet practice in the late afternoon.

September 7, 2015

Linker started out the long Labor Day weekend on Saturday with the Charles Street 12, which started right across from his first apartment in Baltimore. He had a good time in 1:44:27 although it was very warm and humid.

The rest of the day was spent around the house. Deb and Linker watched "Psycho", while JJ came over and spent the better part of the day with Seth playing video games. Linker mowed the grass in the afternoon. He also watched part of the first Texas A&M football game of the season where they had a surprising win over Arizona State 38-17

Sunday after church, JJ came over again and he and Seth played some games together. Ian went over to his friend Chad's house to spend the night.

Today Linker started off the day with a 5K to get out some of the soreness from Saturday's race. While Deb did some shopping, he and Seth went up to Annie's Playground for a little bit. They then took a brief trip up to downtown Bel Air and had a fun time walking down main street.

Most of the rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing and getting ready for work or school tomorrow. Linker watched some of the U.S. Nationals from Indy in the afternoon.