September 21, 2014

Bit of a laid back weekend. Temperatures are coming back down to Fall levels slowly. The Orioles and the Nationals both secured their division wins on Tuesday night, so that was a bit of historic baseball that night. Looking forward to October baseball along the beltways.

Friday night, Ian went off to the Fall Retreat with his church group up to Camp Sandy Hill, which he is supposed to return from this afternoon.

After haircuts yesterday morning, Linker and Seth went up to Annie's Playground for a little over an hour. The weather was really nice in the morning and Seth played through the treehouse portion for most of the time, although he did get a turn on the tire swing.

Today after church, Seth was trying his hands at some of our older video games. The weather was looking like it was going to rain, so most of the activity for the rest of the day will probably be indoors.

September 14, 2014

Had some cooler weather start to come through last week, which was nice given the one week of hot weather we had the week before. Linker had Friday off, so he went for a nice 13.5 mile run through Druid Hill Park in the morning. He then changed the oil in Deb's Jeep.

Deb and her friend Sue went to spend the weekend in Atlantic City on Friday, so Linker and the boys went to the Orioles game that night. After some difficulties getting there on the light rail, they had a good time watching the Orioles beat the Yankees 5-0. The Orioles look like they might win the American League East for the first time since 1997, so everyone around here is quite excited.

Saturday was pretty laid back as it was overcast and rainy most of the day. Linker and Seth played a game of Aggravation and Monopoly. In the afternoon, Ian went to spend the night at his friend Chad's house. Linker and Seth had dinner at Burger King.

Today Linker and Seth did a load of laundry in the morning and then went for a walk and played on the playground at Cowenton Park. Then they went over to church, to meet up with Ian and Chad for the kickoff of Ian's youth group. Linker went for a quick run and then he and the boys got ready for work and school tomorrow.

September 7, 2014

Some of the hottest weather of the summer came this week. Labor Day ended up being rather hot and humid. Linker started off with a seven mile run and then most of the rest of the day was spent watching the NHRA Nationals.

Yesterday had the same type of hot and humid weather, with the thermometer on the back porch registering 98 degrees in the afternoon. Linker got in an 11 mile run in the hottest weather he ran in all summer. Other than a trip to Target to get some baseball cards, that was pretty much the extent of the activity yesterday.

Today after church, Linker and the boys practiced some baseball up at Seth's schoolyard. After lunch, Linker and the boys went up to Perry Hall park to play a bit and then went to the library to get some new books.

August 31, 2014

Well, this summer has sure flown by. Got caught up again in a very busy Sunday last weekend, so it's catch up time again on the blog.

Two Saturdays ago, the family went to the Maryland State Fair on a rather cool and rainy day. Everybody had a good time however, as when the rain got too hard we ducked into one of the buildings to either look at exhibits, livestock, or to have lunch. Linker and the boys rode the big Ferris wheel a couple of times. The smaller rides were now in a separate section of the midway, which everyone thought was a great improvement.

After church last Sunday, Linker and the boys went to see the Aberdeen Ironbirds in action against the Lowell Spinners. It was a tight game that everyone enjoyed, but the Ironbirds ended up losing in the 10th 3-2. After they got home, the Milligans came over for dinner and a one-day-delayed showing of the season premiere of Doctor Who.

During last week, the boys still had Monday and Tuesday off. On Wednesday, Seth started third grade and Ian started sixth at Perry Hall Middle School. Ian enjoyed the new environment, and Seth enjoyed being back at Joppaview.

Friday night, we had tickets to the club level of the Orioles game, so everybody went to the park. Seth had never been on the club level, and Ian only there on a tour, so it was a treat for them. The game itself was a bit of a route, with the Orioles winning 9-1 against the Minnesota Twins. It was fun to watch, however, with the highlight being Chris Davis hitting a grand slam home run in the fourth.

Yesterday morning was spent around the house until the afternoon. Then everyone packed into the car, picked up Leslie Milligan, and went to the Senator Theater to see the 30th anniversary showing of Ghostbusters. Everyone had fun and then went out to dinner to Italian Sensation. Leslie stuck around to watch the new episode of Doctor Who.

Today after church, Ian is planning to go over to his friend Chad's house for a sleepover. The weather is not supposed to be too good for the rest of the day today or tomorrow with rain in the forecast. So inside activities will probably be the order of the day for tomorrow, and hopefully some NHRA actions from the Nationals at Indy.