August 20, 2017

Warm summer week with one day where we had a pretty much rain all day. Seth had a good time during arts and crafts week at summer camp and brought home several things on Friday.

Linker started out the weekend with a 10-mile run in rather hot weather. After the run, he, Deb and Seth went to Seth's black belt training class. After that, Linker and Ian went to Lowe's to get supplies for their late summer project to paint the shed. After lunch, they spent several hours painting the main part of the shed. After dinner, the whole gang watched “Fences” from Netflix.

This morning, the whole gang went to church. Ian and Linker put a quick second coat of paint on the main part of the shed before lunch. Ian went with his friend Chad to the pool in the afternoon.

August 13, 2017

Feels like summer is winding down a bit. Ian helped some of his friends with house work and moving this week. Seth spent the week at his summer camp. Temperatures were not too bad, and we had several stormy days, including last night.

Linker started out the weekend with a 12-mile run. After that, he and Deb went to Seth's black belt class.

After lunch, the whole gang watched “Hidden Figures” from Netflix, which they all enjoyed.

Everybody made it to church this morning. Ian had A/V duty this morning. Somewhat quiet afternoon, but Linker and Ian are going to see the Aberdeen Ironbirds play the West Virginia Black Bears up at Ripken Stadium late this afternoon. The Ironbirds ending up winning 8-3.

August 6, 2017

Lots of rain this previous week, along with some storms that were really bad around Timonium on Thursday. Luckily all we got at the house was a lot of rain on Wednesday.

Friday cleared up and the whole gang watched an Orioles game that night. Linker's friend Wes had given him seats seven rows back from home plate, so they were really good. The Tigers beat the Orioles 5-2 based on a grand slam by Justin Upton in the 8the. So Deb was happy with the outcome.

Saturday had really good weather. Linker started off with a seven mile run before Seth's black belt training class. In the afternoon, Deb, Ian and Linker watched "Arrival" from Netflix. In the evening, Linker went out for an 11 mile bike ride to enjoy the lower humidity and a good breeze.

Everybody made it to church this morning. Linker had C3 Kids sub duty this morning, where the boys built a straw tower. In the afternoon, Ian is scheduled to meet up with his youth group at the Avenue this afternoon.

July 30, 2017

Two weeks gone by as we spent the 22nd through today up in Detroit to visit Deb's mom. We hit the usual places, and were there for her birthday last Sunday.

A few of the highlights: Catching up with our niece and nephew at the birthday party. Linker and Deb going to see the Tigers on Tuesday night (they lost to the Royals 3-1). Linker going on a 27 mile bike ride when it was 55 degrees out on a very cool July morning. Checking out Belle Isle with the whole family for the first time and enjoying a picnic lunch there with some very noisy seagulls. Deb and Linker taking a trip up to Canada and to Point Pelee National Park. Some very friendly white geese at the Firestone Farm at Greenfield village.

All in all a safe trip. Some rain in the Pennsylvania mountains on the way up, but beautiful blue skies on the way home. Somehow the cruise control gave out, so we are taking it in to the shop tomorrow since Linker has the day off.