October 8, 2017

Some cool Fall weather to start this week, with temps in the low 50s. That changed back to summer-like temperatures in the later part of the week. Some much needed rain showers came through today.

Linker spent the later part of the week in Ocean City for his HFMA Maryland Annual Institute. He had a good time catching up with old friends and learning about the changing healthcare environment.

Linker started the weekend off with a seven mile run in warmer than usual Fall temperatures. After black belt training, he and Ian went over for a quick look at his office. Most of the afternoon was spent around the house and watching the Nationals take game 2 of the NLDS from the Cubs. They go to Wrigley Field tied 1-1 in the best of five. The Orioles did not make the playoffs this year.

Linker took a quick 15 mile bike ride before the rain started this morning. Ian had A/V duty at church today, so Linker took him in a little early. It has rained on and off the rest of the day, so outside activity was rather limited. Deb has puppets practice this afternoon, and the boys have their youth groups back at church.

October 1, 2017

We got out first taste of Fall weather this weekend. After a somewhat hot week, temperatures were down in the low 50s on Saturday morning and in the mid-40s this morning.

The boys went on their Fall retreat this weekend, so Deb and Linker had the run of the house by themselves. They took full advantage by going down to Washington D.C. yesterday and enjoying the beautiful weather.

The started out by a quick tour of the National Gallery of Art where they took in most of the impressionist section. They had lunch over at the Hard Rock Cafe, and then spent most of the afternoon at the Newseum, which the had never been to at the new location. They enjoyed seeing all the exhibits, especially the Berlin Wall section and the antenna from 1 WTC. There was a very quick tour of the Air and Space Museum and then they headed home.

Linker started out the day with a chilly 50K bike ride. Then Deb and Linker went to church. Linker picked up the boys around 1:30 and then he cut the grass and washed both cars.

September 24, 2017

Crazy hot weekend considering that Fall started on last Friday. We had sunshine and temps that were in the high 80s Friday and Saturday and got a little over 90 today. That is supposed to dramatically change later this week.

Linker took off Friday to go up to Maple Grove for the NHRA Nationals. He got to see two rounds of pro qualifying under sunny skies and somewhat hot temperatures. Big difference from the last few years with rain and or cold. He finally got to meet Courtney Force, and had fun catching up with a lot of the drivers, including fellow Texas A&M alum Erica Enders. Breakfast and dinner were had at the Windmill as per usual.

Saturday morning Linker started out with a quick 5K run, and then everyone went to Ian and Seth's black belt class. Linker and Ian went over to Charm City Run to pick up their bibs for today's race down at the zoo. Deb watched “Rogue One” with Seth in the afternoon, which was the first time she had seen the movie. Linker watched A&M narrowly beat Arkansas in OT.

This morning, Seth and Deb went to church. Ian and Linker went down to the zoo to run in the “Run Wild for Autism” 5K. Tough course and temps were in the mid-70s, but with Linker pacing Ian, they finished in a little over 38 minutes. They went over to the penguin exhibit after the race and watched feeding time. It was rather hot, so that was it for the zoo for today. Most of the rest of the afternoon was spent inside. Deb had puppets practice in the afternoon. Seth and Ian had their youth groups back at church in the afternoon.

September 17, 2017

Last weekend of summer this weekend and it rather felt like it. Temperatures were in the 80s both days and rather humid.

Linker started off the weekend with a seven mile run along his usual Honeygo route. The boys had a seminar on the rules of Tae Kwon Do sparring on Saturday morning. Deb and Linker went out to El Salto for lunch after dropping off Ian at his friend Chad's house, where he ended up spending the night.

Linker started off Sunday with a 33.75 mile ride to Bird River and back, with some rides through the neighborhoods thrown in for good measure. Linker, Deb, and Seth made it to church this morning. The boys have their youth groups later this afternoon.

September 10, 2017

Really beautiful weather this weekend. Lows were in the low 50s and highs in the 70s with clear skies.

Linker started off this weekend with a quick 5K after taking the week off running after the Charles Street 12. Then everyone went to the boys's black belt training class later in the morning. In the afternoon, Linker and Seth went shoe shopping as Seth wants to be on his cross country team this year. They took his new shoes for a run around Joppaview in the late afternoon.

Everybody made it to church this morning. Ian had a/v duty this morning. We are all scheduled to go back there this afternoon for the C3 students kickoff which now includes Seth.