January 15, 2017

Another Saturday of rather iffy weather. We were supposed to get a few inches of snow yesterday, but nothing much ever materialized. Linker got a seven mile run in and then he and the boys went for haircuts. Linker and Ian's first archery class of the year was also cancelled.

It did rain in the afternoon, some of which turned to freezing rain in the later evening. Linker, Seth and Deb watched “Goldfinger” in the afternoon and that was pretty much the activity for the rest of the day.

Everybody made it to church this morning. After lunch, the whole gang went down to the Udar Hazy Center, which is right outside Dulles airport and part of the Air and Space Museum. Linker and Seth had been there a few years ago, but Deb and Ian had never been. They enjoyed seeing the Discovery Space Shuttle, the SR-71 blackbird, the Concorder, and the Enola Gay. They spent about three hours looking around the museum and the observation tower. The boys have the next two days off school.

January 8, 2017

A cold weekend with a snow showers Saturday made this a mostly inside weekend. We got around an inch of snow yesterday after an expected snow Thursday night was somewhat of a bust.

Yesterday, Linker got in a 5K run with the temperature around 25 before the snow started falling. Deb got Ian off to his Epic retreat with his church youth group. Ian spent the night at one of the member's homes and had a good time. We picked him up after the second service today.

Linker, Deb, and Seth made it to church this morning. It was 15 degrees when we got out the door this morning. Deb had a puppet show practice in the afternoon.

January 1, 2017

Happy New Year! Today was actually a very nice day, with lots of sun and highs in the 50s.

Had a busy Christmas week. On the 23rd, the whole gang went up to Detroit with good weather on the way up there. There was snow on the ground up to the day after Christmas when we had a good rain that lasted most of the day. The usual spots were visited, such as Cabelas and La Gloria Bakery. Linker and the boys went to go see Rogue One again on Christmas Eve.

On the way back on Friday, there was some snow around Youngstown, but other than that, the trip was pretty smooth. Everyone had lunch at the Hardee's in Hancock.

This weekend has been more laid back and relaxing after the drive and the busy holiday week. Linker started the day off yesterday with a nice seven mile run. He and Seth went in a nice ride in the Camaro out to Jerusalem Mills in the afternoon. Linker went over to his friend Chad's house for the night. No one in the Mills house made it past about 10:30 last night.

Today everyone made it over to church, where Ian had AV duty and the service was an hour later. Linker and Deb took down the Christmas decorations and the tree in the afternoon. Linker also took a nice walk to enjoy the nice weather.

December 18, 2016

We had our first round of Winter weather yesterday morning. Freezing rain was happening most of the early morning, and led to some very bad road conditions. Somehow, Linker made it down to Druid Hill Park for this year's Celtic Solstice. The course was shorted to a two mile loop, which most everyone did twice. Everyone that made it seemed to enjoy it, even given the rainy and icy conditions. Linker had an extra helping of his favorite soup at the end.

Yesterday afternoon, Linker and Seth went to go see “Rogue One” down at the Senator. They both enjoyed it. Ian went with his friend Alex to see it as part of a birthday party.

Today, Linker, Deb, and Seth went to church, with Linker and Deb going out to lunch at El Salto. Not much else is planned this afternoon, as the temperatures are forecasted to fall again, and it is currently raining again.