April 13, 2014

Finally a really nice weekend here. We had highs both days in the 70s, with a lot of sunshine.

Ian was sick on Saturday morning, so we kept pretty much to home for most of the day. Linker and Seth went to the archery range to help clean up the range for Spring. Seth had fun helping run the leaf blower. In the afternoon, Seth enjoyed riding his bike and Linker got some things done around the house.

Today started out with some baseball practice up at the boys's school. Then Linker took Ian up to the barber for a hair cut. This afternoon was spent getting ready for Deb and the boys'trip to Michigan for Spring break. The boys also have a puppet show planed for tonight at the Milligan's church.

April 6, 2014

Somewhat better weather this week, but still quite rainy some days. The fields were so wet from last weekend's rains that Ian's Tuesday night practice was moved indoors to a gym. Seth got about 15 minutes into his first practice of the season Thursday night and it started to pour. But he was happy to meet some of his teammates and his new coach.

This weekend was at least sunny, although yesterday was a bit windy and cool. Ian had baseball practice in the morning. After that, he and Linker got the winter shovels put up in in the shed and turned on the water outside. In the afternoon, we all went to church, still up at Fork Christian Church.

Today was fairly laid back. Morning temperatures dipped down to freezing. Linker and the boys went to go see "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" at the Senator theater. After that, Deb took the boys to their puppet show practice for next weekend's shows.

March 30, 2014

The first full week of Spring had its ups and downs. There were still some cold mornings with some snow during one of the weekdays that luckily did not stick to the roads.

This weekend was a washout. Linker got in a 13.5 mile run Saturday morning, but it was raining the last half of his run. The rain never really stopped all weekend, so it really limited the options. JJ came over for a bit on Saturday afternoon to play with Seth. In the afternoon, we all went to church, still up at Fork Christian Church.

Today was more of the same. Linker and Seth played some older games on the XBOX in the morning. Then the first Indy Car race and the NHRA races at Las Vegas are on later this afternoon, which Linker is planning to watch.

March 23, 2014

Had a snowy St. Patrick's Day this last Monday with several inches of snow coming down. The boys once again had a long weekend and a two-hour delay on Tuesday. Spring cane on Thursday and everyone was very happy to see it come.

We had a fun Thursday and Friday night. Thursday night we went to the Science Fair to see Ian's project. A nice surprise happened as Katie Milligan and her team won first place. Friday saw us go to Laura Milligan's play at the middle school.

Yesterday was Ian's first baseball practice with his team this year, the Cardinals. All the boys did well, and at least one team member from last year is on his team this year. Seth and Linker practice grounders while Ian and his team worked out. The best part was that temperatures were in the mid-60s in the afternoon. After that, Linker and the boys went to church, still up at Fork Christian Church. Then he and the boys went out to Italian Sensation for dinner. Deb, along with Lesley and Sue Milligan, went to the Casting Crowns concert downtown that night.

Today was rather laid back. Linker changed the oil in his jeep in the morning. He and the boys then went and bought a few baseball cards. Then Deb and the boys went to practice for their puppet show at the Milligan's church.

March 16, 2014

Another strange week of weather. We had some warmer weather but with a nasty windstorm Wednesday night. Yesterday was warm as Linker was down to a long sleeve shirt and shorts for his morning run in 50 degree weather. Today it is barely up to 45, with snow forecast tonight.

Yesterday, everybody also went to the last indoor archery session of the season. It was a nice way to wrap up the season. In the afternoon, Ethan came over to play with the boys while Deb and the Milligan girls went out to lunch and shopping. Linker and the boys went outside to play baseball and play on the playground for awhile. Ethan came to church with us that night as the new building is still under construction.

Today was rather laid back. Linker and the boys went down to the Walters Art Museum in the morning and tried their hand at an ink drawing. Seth went shopping with Deb in the afternoon and Ian played with some friends. Linker got to watch some of the NHRA Gatornationals in the afternoon.

March 2, 2014

Had another bout of cold weather this week. Had a few days where we had about an inch of snow in the morning. The kicker is that we are supposed to get at least eight inches of snow tomorrow.

Overall ha a good weekend though. The Milligans came over Friday night to watch a movie they had wanted to see from Netflix, and stayed around to watch Star Trek: Into Darkness for a double feature.

Saturday was fairly busy as everyone went to archery practice in the morning. Linker was able to get a run in along most of his normal route after about three weeks of ice and snow covered sidewalks. In the afternoon, Seth and Linker did a little baseball practice up at the school, even though it was fairly cold.

Last night, we went to the 5:00 service at church, with the first time we had it up a Fork Christian Church in Kingsville. The services are going to be there for a few weeks until our new building is completed. We dropped off Ian at his friend Chad's house for a sleepover after church.

Today Linker and Seth played a game of Tri-ominoes and Trouble in the morning before going to his Little League tryouts. Seth sounded like he did well, and they went to the baseball card store afterwards to get some cards.

This afternoon, Ian has his major league tryouts for his league. Laura and Ethan Milligan are coming over tonight to watch the boys as Linker and Deb are going to the 50th anniversary dinner for the Maryland HFMA chapter. The weather is supposed to hold up until they leave, but going downhill overnight.