March 1, 2015

Had at least a pretty good weekend this time around, although still quite cold. The past week was brutally cold with one snow day and several two hour delays due to the temperatures being in the single digits in the mornings. The nine inches of snow we got last weekend didn't really melt because of the cold. So no one here is really sad to see February go this year.

Yesterday Linker got in seven miles in 14° degree weather. He is looking forward to not having to wear three layers on a run soon. His leg was feeling much better. He and the boys went to the next to last archery session of the season in the later morning.

In the afternoon, Linker ran some errands and picked up a few video games for he and the boys since the federal tax return came this week. He picked up an older version of a baseball game and Little Big Planet 3. Seth went to over to JJ's house and Ian went to Skyzone with his youth group. The boys and Linker had fun playing the new games later in the afternoon.

Today had much less going on after church. The boys were supposed to have their tryouts for baseball this afternoon, but it got cancelled after a snowstorm came through. Seth went back over to his friend JJ's house in the afternoon.

February 22, 2015

The winter snow finally came this week. We had around two inches on Tuesday, which was enough to give the boys an extra day off for President's Day. Temperatures were also quite cold, with them bottoming out at 1° on Friday morning.

But the big hit was to come yesterday. Linker went for a run in the morning in the cold and came back with a sore calf muscle in his right leg. Everybody went to archery later in the morning. Ian shot continuously at 20 yards and did quite well, getting his balloon after only two arrows.

Right near the end of the session, we looked out and could see the snow coming down. It was only about to be one to three inches, but it came down hard and fast. Everybody got home OK, and then Seth and Linker played a few games of Connect 4 and Aggravation to pass the snowy afternoon. Then they both went out and shoveled for a little bit, before getting Ian out and going sledding up at the school. Tricia and Pierce came out also to sledding and all three boys had a good time sledding down the hills and being able to slide all the way down to the parking lot. We ended up with a total of around nine inches.

Today there was only on church service, so everyone stayed home and Linker went out to shovel some more. We finally decided to get rid of Deb's old red laptop, so we took it apart to make sure that it could not be used and no private information would be shared. Ian had a good time bashing the hard drive out on the front porch. Linker was planning to watch a little of the Daytona 500 this afternoon and we are waiting to see if Ian has his youth group meeting tonight.

February 15, 2015

Very cold this weekend, with the temperatures down in the single digits this morning with a wind chill well below zero. Some snow fell last night but the winds were so bad it all blew off without any shoveling.

Yesterday morning was actually a bit warmer, and Linker started the day off with a nice half run when the temperatures were at a comparably high 20 degrees. Linker had purchased a new running watch, the Garmin 220 which he thoroughly enjoyed the quicker GPS and interval vibration.

The rest of the morning was spent at archery, with both Ian and Seth doing well. After lunch, Deb and Seth went to Barnes and Nobles to use a gift card Seth received. Linker did some work around the house with Ian helping install a new towel rack in the bathroom.

This morning Linker worked on the website, updating the recent pictures section which had gotten quite out of date. Ian tried out Skyrim on the Playstation 3 for the first time and seemed to be liking it. The rest of the day is probably going to be mainly spent inside given the extreme cold. Linker may take Ian to his youth group tonight at church if it warms up a bit.

February 8, 2015

Had a fun weekend, which was a little milder with temperatures in the 40s yesterday and then hit 50 this afternoon. We still haven't had the usual big snow, something for which we are very thankful.

Yesterday after a 12-mile run, Linker took the boys to archery. Seth continues to improve with his 15# bow. After lunch, Linker changed the oil in both Jeeps. After that, he and the boys went to practice baseball up at Seth's school.

Today after church, Ian went to see his friend Chad for awhile. Linker and Seth went to do some shopping and then practiced baseball some more. Linker watched a bit of the season opening NHRA Winternationals in the afternoon. Ian had his small group at church in the afternoon. Deb and Seth are scheduled to go to puppet practice later this afternoon as well.

February 1, 2015

Still having some luck with the snow this winter as an anticipated storm today petered out. We had roughly a inch one day this week, and that was it.

Yesterday, Linker ran a half in cold temperatures down to 15° when he started, with wind chills even lower. He and the boys had archery and then just stuck around the house most of the rest of the day. Linker managed to get the taxes done in the afternoon.

Today after church, Seth's went to visit his friend JJ. Ian was still getting through his makeup work from school as a case of strep throat kept him out of school until Friday.