February 11, 2018

A very wet weekend. Linker got out for an 11 mile run to start yesterday off before taking Seth to leadership team practice. Deb and Linker got out to lunch, and then Linker took his bike to Bike Shop of Bel Air to get a long overdue tune up. He also ordered a road bike that should be in by next weekend. Ian went over to see his friend Chad in the afternoon, and with all the rain, that was pretty much the activity for the day.

Today was pretty much spent around the house, as it was pouring rain in the morning. The positive is that the temperatures are well into the high 50s. The rain has slacked off a bit this afternoon. Seth and Ian have their youth group this evening. Deb also has puppet practice later this afternoon. Linker plans to watch at least some of the Winternationals late this afternoon.

February 4, 2018

Back to winter temperatures this week. Was 12 degrees out yesterday morning when Linker went out for a 10K before taking Seth to his leadership class. Ian had his black belt training class right after. Deb and Linker went out for lunch to El Salto. Seth volunteered to help out at the seminar class that afternoon, so Linker dropped him off before going down to Falls Road Running Store to pick up a new pair of shoes.

This morning the whole gang is getting ready to go to church. We are supposed to have a rain /snow / freezing rain mix right after church, so that will probably limit outside activity the rest of the day. The Super Dowl is tonight, with the Eagles taking on the Patriots.

January 28, 2018

Not too much to report in the depths of winter here in Maryland. The temperatures have not been quite as bad as in the past. These last two weekends have been rather pleasant, with today only being partially spoiled by some much needed rain.

Linker has been able to take bike rides the last two Saturday afternoons that have been greatly enjoyed. Seth has joined the leadership team at his Tae Kwon Do studio, with his first day being yesterday. Ian went to a birthday party yesterday afternoon.

Deb has puppet practice this afternoon, while the boys have their youth group meetings at church.

January 14, 2018

Been very cold here the last two weeks. We had several days where the windchill was way below zero. The boys got one day off from school because of snow, and one day shortened and one day late because of it. They have a short week this week as there is no school tomorrow for Dr. King's birthday and end of period day getting out three hours early on Friday.

Linker's reliable old 920xt had its GPS start messing up badly, so he upgraded to a Garmin Forerunner 935. Liking it so far and waiting for warmer weather to use it with his bike.

Ian spent most of this weekend off with his youth group from church at Bethany Beach in Delaware. Far too cold to go to the ocean, but he seems to have a good time.

Seth has been enjoying his black belt classes, doing the forms he learned before to music. He has also been using nun chucks and practicing at home.

Not much else planned for today as the cold has it feeling like it is in the teens. Deb and Linker did go out to lunch yesterday, but that was about it. Linker did take the Jeeps to the car wash to try to clean off the road salt. Deb has puppet practice this afternoon and Seth has his first middle school youth group meeting of the year tonight.