June 18, 2017

Had a good, but hot Father's Day weekend. Temperatures hovered around 90 with high humidity in the afternoons.

The boys had a good first week of summer vacation. Seth went off to his old preschool for “summer camp”. He was a little disappointed that the pool wasn't open yet. He did get to catch up with many of his friends from prior years. Ian went to his friend Chad's birthday party and spent the night at his house mid-week.

Seth was in the middle of one level of his black belt testing, so he did not have a test last week. Ian passed his red belt test and we all went to the belt ceremony Friday night.

Linker started off the weekend with a ten mile run and then had to go to work to help with year-end inventory. Deb had a puppet show in the morning. In the afternoon, Linker and Ian went to a late afternoon Orioles game. It was part of a church fundraiser, so many familiar faces from CCC were there. It ended up being a high scoring game, with the Orioles beating the Cardinals 15-7.

Today is Father's Day and the day started off by going to church. Ian had a/v duty this morning. When he got home, Linker and the boys went over to the Senator to see Cars 3, which they all enjoyed.

June 11, 2017

Really feeling like summer this weekend. It hit 90 yesterday and is currently 92 on the back porch at around 1:30 in the afternoon. Rather dry too, and not expected to break this heat wave until about mid-week.

Big week for the boys. Seth graduated from Joppaview Elementary on Friday. Deb and Linker went to see his graduation ceremony that morning. Seth was also given a presidential award for his good grades. Ian also had his last day at Perry Hall Middle School that day. Ian did have a very low-key ceremony that was not open to the public. There are actually two more days this coming Monday and Tuesday, but both are half days that the boys will not be attending.

Linker started off Saturday with a seven mile run that was somewhat warm, but not as bad as it got later in the weekend. Then Deb, Linker and Seth went to his black belt training class. After that, Deb and Ian went to the Baltimore Zoo while Linker and Seth went on a hike along the Gunpowder River just north of Jerusalem Mills. The rest of the day was more laid back, with Ian going to spend the night with his friend Dominic.

Today, Linker subbed as Seth's youth group leader for C3 Kids at church. Not too much activity outside because of the heat, but Ian is scheduled to go to his final youth group meeting of the summer later today, which includes a big paint battle.

June 4, 2017

Feeling like summer today. Temperatures are inching close to 90 this afternoon. Turned out to be a nice weekend despite early thoughts of rain.

Linker started out the weekend with a 10-mile run. He had a good time with the longest run he had done in more than six months. Other than some minor soreness, everything was OK.

After morning black belt training in the morning, Linker and Seth went to go see “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” over at the Senator. Both agreed it was OK.

Linker and Seth went to church this morning, with Linker helping out Seth's class in Sunday School. Deb and Ian went to the Milligan's church to help out with a puppet show. Then the whole gang went over to the Senator to see “Wonder Woman”, which they all enjoyed. Ian is to go to his next to last youth group meeting of the summer later this afternoon.

Everybody made it to church this morning. Linker had a quick walk in the afternoon. Ian has his youth group later this afternoon. Linker has the day off tomorrow and plans to use it to help out with Seth's last field day in the morning.

May 29, 2017

Had a pretty good Memorial Day weekend, but a lot of it was rainy and somewhat cool. Linker made it up to Maple Grove Raceway to watch the divisionals on Saturday. He was able to visit with Rich McPhillips and say hi to Wrigley the pit dog, along with watching some great drag racing. After the race, he had the traditional stop at the Windmill Restaurant for dinner.

One Sunday, Deb, Seth, and Ian made it to church while Linker styed at home to watch the Monaco Grand Prix. Sebastian Vettel won for Ferrari as part of a one-two Ferrari finish which had not happened in many a year. Later he watched the Indy 500 where Tukoma Sato won a tight race at the end with Helio Castroneves. Deb took the boys to a local go-cart track in the afternoon.

Today is rather cloudy and misty again. Linker started off he day with a quick five mile bike ride and then a 5K run which he enjoyed. The boys are playing computer games at the moment with no real plans for the rest of the day.

May 21, 2017

Pretty good weekend after a hot week where temperatures were already up in the 90s, which broke or tied other records.

Yesterday, Linker started off the day with a seven mile run. Then everyone went to Seth's black belt training class. Ian then went over to his friend Matt's house for the remainder of the afternoon and went to go see the newest “Wimpy Kid” movie.

Linker finally got time to go bicycle shopping and he ended up with a Giant Sedona DX, which is a newer version of the same model that his mother-in-law has. He enjoyed taking it out for a quick break-in ride before mowing the grass in the afternoon. He and Deb also watched the first day of Indy 500 qualifying in the late afternoon.

Today, the whole gang went to church, with Ian having a/v duty in the morning. Linker also went to a Sunday School orientation so he could help sub for Seth's teacher this summer. Deb and the boys are planning to go to a play the Milligan's kids are in this afternoon, while Linker goes for another bike ride. Ian is also scheduled to have his youth group later this afternoon.