June 28, 2015

Had the last baseball games of the year this last week. Seth's makeup game was rained out and Ian's was postponed until Thursday. On Thursday, Ian did manage to get his last game in despite some small showers during the game. The Braves went out in great fashion, winning something like 24-8 after a really tough season. Ian was glad to have played the game with his friend Steven Yackley on the other team.

Friday night everyone went out to the Orioles game as a church event. We took school buses down to the stadium, and we ended up being on Seth's school bus and driven his school bus driver. Everyone had a good time, and after years of trying, Deb and kids got to see themselves between innings on the big screen. The Orioles battled with a really good Cleveland Indians team, led by Corey Kluber's 10Ks, and ended up winning 4-3. There was also a great fireworks show at the end which was the first time Seth had ever seen fireworks.

Yesterday ended up being a very wet day. It started raining around 6:00 in the morning and did not stop until after dinner. Linker got in a rather soggy 12 miles in the morning. After a haircut, he and Seth went down to Falls Road Running Store to pick up Linker's new running shoes. When Linker got back, he took Ian to get a new charger for his Nook. After that, the rains really came. Ian went over to his friend Chad's house for awhile in the afternoon. Linker and Deb watched a great Indy Car race from Fontana in the afternoon.

Today for the first time in a few weeks, everybody went to church. Seth's friend JJ came over after church and they played Lego Jurassic World for a bit. There are not too much more planned for the day, but Linker is looking forward to only working two days this week.

June 21, 2015

Had a good Father's Day weekend. Ian and Seth's baseball season is coming to a close, but they both have one more baseball game this coming week. they both had their games Tuesday, but Ian's was cancelled Thursday while Seth got in three innings before the rains came. Thursday was also the boys' last day of school for the year.

Yesterday, Linker got in a really sweaty 12 miles before running some errands. After that, Linker and the boys went down to Patterson Park for a brief time on the playground, but more time feeding the ducks on the pond. They also took a quick trip up to the Pagoda to enjoy the view.

Linker and Seth went later in the day to Target to get some of the new Series 2 Topps baseball cards. Linker spent the rest of the day watching baseball, with Max Scherzer coming within one strike of a perfect game and getting the second no-hitter in Nationals history. Ian went over to is friend Chad's house in the afternoon.

Today for Father's Day, everyone went down to Nationals Park to see the Nationals take on the Pirates. The weather was much better than expected, but everyone was glad we were sitting under shade. The Nationals scored a team record nine runs in the bottom of the first, so it was a bit lopsided. The Nationals ended up winning 9-2. Ian and Seth got to run the bases afterwards and Deb was happy to meet Ray Knight after the game.

June 14, 2015

Summer really came on full speed this week. Highs were in the 90s and lows were in the 70s, which made for some unpleasant outdoor activities. Linker took off Wednesday for Seth's sports day at school and enjoyed his time with Seth and 10 other of his third grade class.

Linker started off this weekend with a hot and steamy 10 miler yesterday. Linker had to go into work both weekend mornings for inventory. Yesterday afternoon, the whole gang went to see Jurassic World over at the Senator Theatre which they all enjoyed. Ian then went to his friend Chad's sleepover birthday party for the night.

Today, only Deb and Seth made it to church. Seth's friend JJ came over and they played some video games in the afternoon. Ian is scheduled go to his last youth group of the summer this afternoon which is supposed to end with a big color fight.

June 7, 2015

Got weather this week more like early Spring than Summer this week. Both the boys' baseball games got rained out Tuesday from severe storms on Monday night. Thursday's were played in a chilly and rainy atmosphere.

Saturday was the fishing rodeo and the boys wanted to go for the first time in a few years, so both of them went with Linker that morning. Ian did quite well, pulling out around 12 fish along with a huge one that got away and broke his line. Seth had a tough time even after getting some good bites, but did pull in one after not having much luck for most of the time. They enjoyed a picnic lunch and games that ended with water balloons out front.

Today after church, Linker cut the backyard since it was finally dry enough to cut after all the rain. Today is the “Strawberry Festival” at the Milligan's church and Seth's puppet team is performing. Everyone is going to go over for awhile until Ian needs to go to his youth group later in the afternoon.

May 31, 2015

A slower weekend, but fun to have some time off. A drier week as the boys got both their baseball games in this week, but Ian had to skip his Thursday game due to a friend's birthday party. Seth and Linker got Seth a catcher's mitt on Friday night that he enjoyed learning to catch with over the weekend.

Linker started out Saturday with a sweaty 12 mile run as temperatures never got below 70 the whole weekend. Temperatures were in the upper 80s, so after Linker took the boys to get haircuts on Saturday morning, the rest of the day was mostly spent indoors except for some quick games of catch outside. Linker got to watch Texas A&M play some playoff baseball games at Olsen Field, which he enjoyed.

Today after church, Seth and Linker had some batting and catching practice. Ian went with his friend Chad to the pool for part of the afternoon. Deb and Seth went to puppet practice in the late afternoon. Ian has his small group later this afternoon at a local sports arena for some fun.