June 24, 2018

Feeling more like summer now. Yesterday was in the high 80s, and today it got up to 90. Ian got home Friday from a week long trip up to the Poconos with his friend Connor and his family. The boys had fun kayaking, zip lining, and exploring a mine.

Linker started off a week off work with a ten mile run yesterday. Seth was not feeling well, so Ian was the only one to make it to leadership class. After lunch, the whole gang went to see “Jurrasic World: Forgotten Kingdom” over at the Senator. Not the best of the movies, but had its moments.

The rain that was supposed to come yesterday never really did. Linker took a nice Saturday night bike ride out to Loch Raven Reservoir in the late evening. Ian went over to Conner's to spend the night.

This morning Linker, Deb and Seth went to church It got hot but thankfully sunny in the afternoon. There was not a lot of activity as temperatures got up in the low 90s in the afternoon.

June 17, 2018

Bit of a catch up as apparently forgot to write anything last week. The boys had their last week of school this week, with no particular plans until we go to Colorado the first part of August. Ian is currently off with his friend Conner and his family up in the Pocono mountains.

Last weekend was not particularly memorable. We had a very rainy first part of June, and that continued. Linker started off this weekend with a half for the first time in quite awhile with no ill effects. Linker had inventory on Saturday at work and so Deb took the boys to see “Solo: a Star Wars Story” as Ian had not seen it yet. After Linker got off work, and Deb and the boys came back from the Senator, it poured rain.

This weekend had much better weather, although a bit hot, with temps well into the high 80s. Linker started off the weekend with a seven mile run. Seth had his leadership class in the morning and then went back in the afternoon as they had a dodgeball special. Linker and Deb went out for lunch at Pizza John's and then finalized some of the Colorado vacation plans. That was pretty much the activity for the day.

This morning Linker started off by taking advantage of the long days and dry weather to ride his first half-century. He had a nice ride around Bolwey's Quarters and along the Bay and Bird River area. After that, Deb, Linker and Seth went to church. After church, they all went out to El Salto for lunch. It was a rather hot afternoon, with highs around 90, so the rest of the afternoon was spent in the air conditioning.

June 3, 2018

Kind of a gloomy, rainy weekend. Linker started off the weekend with a seven mile run in some high humidity. The boys had their leadership class in the morning. Linker and Deb went to Jason and Jess' wedding in the afternoon. The weather thankfully held off for both the wedding and the reception, with only a little rain falling after they left the reception. Ian had spent the night at his friend Cole's house that night.

Today everyone made it over to church with Ian meeting up with the rest of us. Deb and Linker went out for lunch at El Salto, and that was pretty much it for activity as it was pouring rain this afternoon.

May 28, 2018

Tough week around Perry Hall. A local police officer, Amy Caprio, was killed in the line of duty on Monday. Linker went to the viewing Thursday night. Bel Air road was completely shut down from Chapel to Honeygo to allow for parking. Many memorials were all over town, including blue ribbons all over the Honeygo Park overpass. She was buried Friday a Delaney Valley Memorial Gardens.

Linker started off the long Memorial Day weekend with a Sprint Duathalon. It was fun to go out to Bird River on the bike for the first time since last November. With the early sunrise, he was actually able to see some more of the scenary as well.

After that, the whole gang went down to the Baltimore Zoo for a few hours. It was very hot, so after a picnic lunch, it was time to go. They enjoyed watching feeding time for the penguins and Linker got to see the Grizzly bear sisters. The rest of the afternoon was spent around the house, except for Linker and Deb getting a quick bite to eat.

Sunday was spent watching motorsports on the TV. Daniel Ricciardo won the F1 race at Monaco, despite having some engine problems. Will Power won an exciting Indy 500, with a very hot track and cars with not enough downforce to hold the track. Ian had his last turn at tech team at church, and he was the only one to make it there yesterday. He went to his Friend Chad's house to spend the night.

Unfortunately, it also rained quite a lot on Sunday afternoon well into the evening. a times it was quite the downpour. There was quite the flooding in Catonsville, and Ellicott City was almost literally washed away, with one man missing from the flooding.

Linker started off Memorial Day with a six-mile run. It was cooler, but very cloudy all day with temperatures around 60 in the morning and 70 in the afternoon. Linker, Deb and Seth went to see “Solo: a Star Wars Story” in the afternoon at the Senator.