May 25, 2015

Both the boys' baseball games got rained out this last week. The rain wasn't all that often, it just rained very hard Monday night and enough on Thursday that all the games were cancelled.

Had a good Memorial Day weekend. Linker got off a few hours early on Friday, so he got most of the chores done that afternoon.

On Saturday, Linker started off the day with a cool run as temperatures dipped into the low 40s. Ian's youth group went to Double Rock Park where he and his group hiked and enjoyed stream hopping. ASeth and Linker went up to Maple Grove Raceway for the NHRA Regionals. They went by the Windmill Restaurant for lunch for Seth and a late breakfast for Linker. They had a great time at the track, meeting Karen Stalba, Marie Ferriolo, and eventual Top Alcohol Dragster winner Duane Shields. They of course caught up with Wrigley the bulldog in Rich McPhillips pit as well. They stayed until 9:30 when the races were over that night. The weather was great all day and they did not get cold until after the sun went down. Seeing the jet cars run at night was worth the stay.

After Seth and Linker's long day, only Deb and Ian made it to church on Sunday. Linker stayed home and watch the Grand Prix of Monaco where Nico Rosberg won for the third time in a row after a ill-advised pit stop by Louis Hamilton. Juan Pablo Montoya won a crash filled Indy 500 later that afternoon.

Today, Linker had a much warmer seven-mile run to start the day. Ian had spent the night with his friend Chad, so he and Seth went up to the school to practice baseball in the morning. Then they took the camaro up to Perry Hall Park to play “Restaurant” and give some play time to Seth on the swings. Then they took a nice ride up around the Jerusalem Mill Village area. The afternoon was spent mostly inside as temperatures climbed way into the 80s by the early afternoon.

May 17, 2015

A rather laid back weekend. We got some much needed rain on Saturday night and with some scattered showers today. The boys had all their ball games this week on really dry fields.

Linker started Saturday off with a half around the usual area. It was nice to run in t-shirt and shorts. Deb and Seth had puppet show practice in the morning. While they were there, Ian and Linker got some batting practice in up at the school.

Today after church, Linker and Deb watched the Indy 500 qualifying. Linker and the boys played a quick game of catch in-between rain showers. Ian went to his youth group in the late afternoon.

May 10, 2015

An overall good Mother's Day weekend here. It was a little cloudy and a little warm for May, but the weather was good all week. The boys got in all their baseball games in this week.

Yesterday, Linker raced in a 5K that was partially sponsored by his church. He did quite well on a tough and hilly course, finishing in 23:25 and winning his age group. After lunch, Linker and the boys went to see the new Avengers movie again at the Senator, to see the 20 minutes of the start they had missed last weekend. They also enjoyed seeing the new Star Wars movie trailer on the big screen. Deb and her Mom went to a Christian music concert that night.

Today, Linker started the day off with a slow seven mile run to help loosen his legs up from yesterday. It was close to 70°, even in the early morning. Then all the gang went down to D.C. to see the Washington Nationals take on the Atlanta Braves. It was a great close game with the Nationals edging the Braves 5-4. Seth and Ian got to run the bases after the end of the game, which they enjoyed.

May 3, 2015

Strange week in Baltimore. There was some unrest in the city, so the boys' baseball games were cancelled Tuesday on a bright and sunny day. Seth had his game Thursday and did well, with Ian having a bye that day.

We had Seth's 9th birthday party yesterday. Deb's mom had come in Thursday, so she was there along with Pat and Penny. Seth's friends JJ and Dylan came over as well and they played with Seth's new water pistol and Nerf guns after the party. Then Linker took Seth and Ian to see the new Avengers movie at the Senator. Unfortunately due to a time change from a city curfew, they missed the first 20 minutes of the movie, but enjoyed it and got three free tickets to see it again next weekend.

Today after church, Ian went over to his friend Chad's house to spend the afternoon. Linker, Deb's Mom, Deb and Seth went over to Jerusalem Mill to test out Seth's toy slingshot he got for his birthday in a open field. He and Linker also enjoyed a game of checkers in the General Store. It was a nice day for a walk around the village.

April 26, 2015

Good long weekend as Linker took Friday off and ran a half down in Druid Hill Park in cool temperatures. He had a good run in 1:55, and enjoyed some of the flowering trees that were out in full bloom. Later that morning, Linker and Deb drove up to MacGregor's in Havre De Grace to enjoy lunch and watch the trains cross over the Susquehanna River.

Yesterday was opening day for the the boys's baseball teams, so most of the day was spent at ball games. Ian had the first game of the day, which was very chilly with an overcast sky and temperatures not quite to 40°. The Braves played hard, but lost. Ian managed to get a walk on his second plate appearance and scored a run. Seth went 2-4 in his first game with the Orioles at 4:00 with a double. Both games were thankfully close by at Chapel Hill Elementary. Deb and Lesley Milligan went out to eat after Seth's game.

Today after church, Seth is getting ready to go to a birthday party early this afternoon, and then go with Deb to puppet practice in the later afternoon. Ian has his small group this afternoon, but we have to go a bit early for a parents's portion at 5:00.