February 7, 2016

Had a busy day yesterday, but a lot of fun. Linker started off the morning by changing the oil in Deb's Jeep. Then Linker and the boys went to family archery. Seth tried his hand at a left handed compound bow and did quite well. He may switch since for competition when he turns ten he will need to shoot at 20 yards.

In the afternoon, Seth went to a clinic at his Tae Kwon Do studio and enjoyed it along with getting his final stripe he needs for his green belt test in a couple of weeks. Deb, Linker and Ian went to the Baltimore Auto Show and enjoyed looking at all the cars, especially the Ford Explorer and the newer Jeep Grand Cherokee. Ian got to sit in a brand new orange Mustang.

After church Linker and Ian went to Gamestop to pickup a few games for the XBOX One which is supposed to come late this week. Linker did take a walk down to 7-11 just to strecth his legs in the afternoon. The Superbowl is tonight, but since it is the Panthers versus the Broncos, no one around here is too excited. Deb does plan to root for the Broncos.

January 31, 2016

This week pretty much revolved around cleaning up after the blizzard. The boys did not go to school all week long. Pretty much everything was cancelled on Monday including archery and Tae Kwon Do. Ian made up his class on Tuesday and Seth went to open practice Thursday night to get ready for his tournament on Saturday.

Linker took his usual long run off and went to the doctor to check out his left ankle. Nothing too serious, but it'll be a few weeks without running to hopefully cure a case of tendonitis he has aquired. Saturday was also the state JOAD archery tournament. Seth did really well, scoring a 399/600. So he was really happy with his score. We have to see how the two lines that were to go today did to see if he might win his division. Ian went over to Steven's house for a sleepover birthday party after he and Deb came over to watch Seth for awhile.

Sunday morning everyone but Ian made it over to church. Linker ran some errands and got a haircut in the morning. He then took the boys over to the Senator Theatre to see Kung Fu Panda 3, which they all enjoyed. Deb had practice for upcoming puppet shows this afternoon. Ian is to go to his small group later this afternoon.

January 24, 2016

Well, this weekend revolved around one thing -- the biggest snowstorm in Baltimore history. It started late Friday afternoon and did not quit until late Saturday night. A the end, we had 26 inches in Perry Hall and at the airport they had 29.2 inches. Needless to say, pretty much everything was closed this weekend.

So for the vast majority of the weekend, the time was spent indoors or shoveling. Linker went out a few times on Saturday to try to keep the two Jeeps somewhat able to get out. Linker and the boys did take one crack at the Joppaview hill, but the blizzard conditions made it a pretty quick sledding adventure. There were several movies watched, which included Fantastic Four which Linker and the boys watched in the early afternoon.

Today after the snow had stopped, Linker spent four and half hours shoveling to get the cars (except the Camaro) out and running. Bradley came over and he and Ian went out to play in the afternoon. Linker and Seth went back out sledding for about an hour at the Joppaview hill. the only thing left to do today was see if the same fellow who dug us out in 2010 was going to come by with the bobcat and could take some of the snow away from the front of the camaro.

January 17, 2016

A rather laid back week. Temperatures are starting to feel more like winter with temperatures on Thursday never getting above freezing. The long term forecast is starting to talk about a snowstorm late this coming week starting Friday night. As of this writing, we have had no snow at all this winter.

Saturday saw Linker start the day off with a 13.5 mile run and then he took the boys to family archery. The afternoon was pretty quiet, with Linker and the boys watching Hotel Transylvania 2 in the early afternoon. Linker finished re-reading "Lord of the Rings" and watched "Fellowship of the Ring" where Ian watched with him for awhile.

Seth had a stomach bug this morning, so Deb and Ian made it to church this morning. No real plans for the afternoon, but the boys have off school both Monday and Tuesday. Seth is attending day camp at his Tae Kwon Do studio, and Ian is off to Ski Roundtop to go tubing.

January 10, 2016

Finally had some cold weather this week with the wind chill being two degrees on Tuesday morning. All that has tended to change though as it is currently 59 degrees and it looks like we are about to have a thunderstorm.

The weather was pretty gloomy this weekend, although the temperatures were higher. Ian had a retreat with his youth group Friday night into Saturday. The rest of the gang stayed pretty much around the house Saturday until the Mid-Atlantic FITA archery tournament in the afternoon. Linker shot a 499, and Seth did his best, although his arm got tired after around 15 ends. Good experience for both.

Today everyone pretty much slept in as Ian was recovering from little sleep and everyone else was recovering from the tournament. In the afternoon, the whole gang went to see Star Wars one last time in the theaters at Senator Theatre. There was actually a decent sized crowd given that at this point it has been in theaters for four weeks.