November 23, 2014

Some unnaturally cold weather this week. We broke several long standing record lows this week, with temperatures dipping down to 19 on Wednesday morning.

Linker went out for his run yesterday morning in full Winter gear, as it was 18 at Seth's school in the morning. He had a good 12 miler before archery practice. In the afternoon, Linker and Ian went to go see Mockingjay at the Senator. They both enjoyed it, although it was a bit more of a drama leading to the final movie.

Linker dropped Ian off at his friend Chad's house after the movie so he could spend the night. Then he and Seth went over to Italian Sensation for a late dinner for Linker and a snack of french fries for Seth.

Today after church, Seth played some with his friend JJ. Seth was scheduled to have his puppet practice later in the afternoon. Linker was looking forward to a short work week coming up for the Thanksgiving holiday.

November 16, 2014

Rather slow weekend this time around. Temperatures got down into the 20s Friday night, which made Linker's Saturday morning run rather cool. After that, Linker and the boys went to archery practice. In the afternoon, while Linker turned the pipes off for the winter, Deb took Ian to get some dress clothes for his winter music program.

In the evening, Laura Milligan came over to watch the boys and Deb and Linker celebrated their 15th anniversary with dinner at the Milton Inn. They both had Filet Mignon, although Linker had a smaller portion with a crabcake.

Today was rather laid back also with not much going on after church. Linker watched the NHRA finals from Pomona and played Battleship with Seth. Linker was very happy that his fellow Aggie, Erica Enders-Stevens won the Pro Stock Championship.

November 9, 2014

Finally had temperatures below freezing this weekend, specifically yesterday morning. Linker got in his long run on Friday morning, down at Druid Hill Park. He enjoyed a ten mile run around the zoo and down part of the Jones Falls trail. The leaves were at their peak on Mountain Pass Road.

Linker and Deb went out for lunch that day to the Cheesecake Factory in Towson for lunch. Later that afternoon, Linker ran the lawnmower out of gas for the season.

Yesterday, the gang went to archery in the morning. Linker and Ian then went to pick up their race bibs after lunch. Deb took Ian to a store to use a gift certificate to get an Orioles shirt. In the afternoon, Linker and the boys watched Texas A&M upset #3 Auburn in a 41-38 nailbiter.

This morning, Linker and Ian ran the Honeygo Family 5K. Ian beat his time by about three minutes from two years ago with a respectable 33:25 with his wingman Linker close behind. Deb and Seth went to church in the morning. In the afternoon, Deb and Seth are to go to puppet show practice at the Milligan's church, while Ian is to go to his small group.

November 2, 2014

Cooler and windy this weekend. Friday was windy but dry, but the trick or treaters had a good time getting candy. Ian was a creeper from Minecraft and Seth was one of the Ghostbusters. We had a light crowd come by the house, but at least we saw the usual local kids.

Yesterday was the first indoor archery session of the season. There were only two lines and both Ian and Seth did well from about 12 yards. After lunch, Seth and Linker got haircuts and then went to a sale at Falls Road Running Store where Linker picked up a pullover and some running socks for Ian.

Today after church, Linker and Ian went for a quick training run. It was very cool and windy, but they managed to get in two miles for next weekend's Honeygo Family 5K.

October 26, 2014

This was Ian's birthday week, so he had a couple of parties. On Wednesday night for his actual birthday, everyone including Deb's mom went out to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings. Ian got a hat called "Birthday Buffalo" and got announced as the birthday boy over the PA system.

Yesterday morning the temps were down in the low 40s, so Linker had to break out the running tights and pullover for his Saturday morning run. It was also the day of Ian's "official" party. Laurie, Michelle, Pat, and Penny all came over to help him celebrate and we had a nice lunch together. Ian got some baseball cards, and Orioles bed set, and lots of money to spend somewhere. Last evening, everyone went over to the Milligan's church for their Fall Festival where the boys enjoyed playing the usual games.

Today after church, Linker and Ian went on a mile-and-a-half training run for their 5K coming up on November 9th. JJ came over to play Minecraft with Seth. Seth is headed off to puppet show practice later this afternoon, while Ian is headed off to his youth group at church.