December 10, 2017

Had our first snow of the Winter (or late Fall) yesterday. We had about three inches of snow that didn't really stick to the roads, but made for a fairly pretty day. The snow started just as the boys went to their black belt training class. Linker had done a quick 5K earlier in the morning before the snow came.

The snow kept activity to mostly indoors yesterday after the morning. It was actually Seth's last Saturday class as his black belt test is next Saturday. Deb and Linker went out to lunch and then watched the Army-Navy game in the afternoon. Army edged Navy 14-13 after a last second field goal by Navy went left.

The Deb, Linker and Seth went to church this morning. Ian went to the second service and spent time with his youth group. Deb had a puppet show in the afternoon. Seth has his middle school Christmas party at church this afternoon.

December 3, 2017

Still nice weather for late Fall so far. Nights have been in the high 30s, low 40s and days in the high 50s.

Had good weather yesterday. After the boys's black belt training class, Deb and Linker went over to Home Depot to get the Christmas tree and decorations. After lunch, the boys chipped in to decorate the tree. Ian hung lights out on the porch and this year decided to string lights on the tree out front. After the decorating, Linker and Deb watched some college football championships, but all the games were blowouts.

Ian had a/v duty today at church, so he and Linker went early. After church, it was warm enough that Linker went for a hour-long bike ride around the neighborhoods. Seth and Ian have their youth group meetings tonight. Deb has a final puppet practice before the Christmas shows begin next week.

November 26, 2017

Busy Thanksgiving Day weekend. Ian and Linker started Thanksgiving Day off by running the Gobble Cobble 5K down at the inner harbor. Ian came in with a PR of 32:11 after only taking one walk break. It was around freezing, but very clear with lots of sunshine.

After the turkey trot, Ian went to go play with his youth group at one of the local parks. After some time playing with his friends, Linker picked him up and then everyone went to Silver Spring Mining Company for Thanksgiving dinner. Linker was the only one that had the traditional turkey and stuffing dinner. Deb had steak, Ian had mac and cheese, and Seth had cheese quesadillas. The rest of the day was pretty much spent around the house.

The rest of the weekend was fairly laid back. Linker got in a long run and then an 11 mile bike ride in the afternoon on Friday. Saturday Linker and Deb went to the Baltimore Museum of Art for the first time in a long time. Sunday everyone went to church. In the late afternoon, Deb and Seth went to go see “Wonder” at the Avenue. The weather was nice all weekend, with highs in the low 50s and around freezing at night.

November 19, 2017

Had a bit of a busy weekend this time around. Temperatures are pretty much hitting freezing about every night now. Most of the trees have given up their leaves at this point.

Linker started off the weekend with a seven-mile run. After the boys had their black belt seminar on Saturday morning, Deb and Linker did some bank swapping as First Mariner is being bought out by Howard Bank. They decided on Bank of America as it has their mortgage.

After the bank work and lunch, the whole gang went down to the the Senator to see “Justice League”, which was a bit uneven, but enjoyable.

Today the whole gang made it to church. After church, Linker closed off the outside pipes for the year. He and Deb then went out to lunch. Seth was supposed to have a bonfire later this afternoon, but they had to call it off as it is extremely windy today. Ian has a Thanksgiving meal with his high school large group back at church this afternoon. Deb has her dress rehearsal for the puppet shows this afternoon.

November 12, 2017

Finally had the first freeze of the Fall Friday night. Temperatures actually dipped in the low 20s, which broke records. today was also chilly to start with it starting out in the high 20s before making it up to the 40s in the afternoon.

After the boys had their black belt seminar on Saturday morning, Deb and Linker celebrated their 18th anniversary with lunch down at Cantler's. After enjoying their lunch, they went to a local pawn shop to pick up Ian a used acoustic guitar so he could practice at home. The rest of the evening was spent around the house watching Georgia lose their number one ranking by getting trounced by Auburn.

Today was a bit different as Linker and Ian went to the Zoo for the Zoo Zoom 8K. Ian had never run that far, and came in around 58 minutes. Both he and Linker enjoyed running through the zoo exhibits, seeing lots of animals including pictures with Tetra the penguin. Deb and Seth did some book shopping over at Barnes and Nobles.

In the afternoon, Linker cleared up some of the leaves that had fallen, running the mower out of gas for the season in the process. Deb has puppet show practice this afternoon and the boys have their youth group meetings.