March 19, 2017

Well, we finally had a bit of snow this last week. The weather forecasters were calling for up to a foot of a snow last Tuesday, but only about two materialized around here with a coating of ice on top. The boys were both out of school on Tuesday and Wednesday.

After a seven mile run, Linker took Ian to archery in the morning. Then he and Ian went shopping over at both Charm City Run to use their gift certificates from last Sunday's race.

Everyone made it to church this morning. Linker spent the better part of the day regrading the side yard and then evening it out with a new layer of topsoil. Everyone is looking forward to tonight, as Ian has chosen to be baptized at his youth group meeting tonight.

March 12, 2017

Well, it looks like Winter just came late here this year. It was quite cold this weekend, with highs not really out of the 30s. We are supposed to get a good sized snow storm here Monday night as well.

Yesterday was a bit laid back, with Ian and Linker going to archery after Linker had a good seven mile run. Ian tried using a sight with his bow, and did quite well at 10 yards after getting it dialed in. In the afternoon, Linker and Ian went to pickup their bibs and shirts for today's Shamrock 5K. Deb and Seth enjoyed a few good rounds of bowling.

Today, the whole gang went to church, after which Linker and Ian went downtown for the Shamrock 5K. It was a bit cold, so they spent pre-race time in the Walters Art Museum playing two rounds of checkers and one round of chess in the Knight's Hall. Ian did really well, running the first 2.5 miles and finished in 34:21 with Linker coming two seconds behind. In the afternoon, Deb had puppet practice and Ian had his small group back at church.

March 5, 2017

Winter had one last trick up is shoulder as we had temperatures down in the low 20s yesterday morning, and in the high 10s this morning. Still no snow, and we are about to tie a record for the least amount of snow in Baltimore since they have been keeping records. Still warm on a few days this week, enough that daffodills are blooming and some of the trees are as well.

Kind of a laid back weekend. Ian spent Friday night at his friend Dominic's house. Linker started off yesterday with a chilly seven mile run and then he and Ian went to archery. Ian had a birthday party to go to in the afternoon. Linker and Deb watched “Hacksaw Ridge” in the evening.

Today, the whole gang went to church, which was the church's 11th anniversary. We had the head pastor from Mountain Christian Church as the pastor today. In the afternoon, Ian went over to Chad's house. Ian also planning to go to his youth group tonight.

February 26, 2017

Another week of crazy warm weather. For several days this week, temperatures were in the high 60s and low 70s. Linker ran in shorts on several of his runs, including yesterday. All that came to a halt yesterday afternoon as we had violent thunderstorms and the highs are barely 40 today with a cold wind.

The rains helped settle the clay from the water pipe digging last Monday. Linker and Deb are still looking for someone to help fix the basement wall where the water line connected as well.

Yesterday after his run, Linker and Ian went to archery. After lunch, Linker unearthed his copy of “Oblivion” and enjoyed playing it on the XBOX One. Ian went over to a friend's house in the afternoon.

Today, the whole gang went to church, with Ian having A/V duty today. Ian is scheduled to go to his youth group this afternoon.

February 19, 2017

Crazy weather this weekend in a good way. We had abundant sunshine and temperatures on both days around 70. The boys both rode their bikes some today and Seth played basketball on both days.

Tough week in some ways. Deb lost her great aunt Audrey in Texas and Linker's friend Norm passed away unexpectedly both on Thursday. On a much brighter note, both boys passed their belt tests and now Seth is a red belt and Ian is a brown belt.

Linker got a good run in yesterday morning and then he and Seth went to archery. After lunch, Linker changed the oil in his Jeep and then helped Pat start her generator. Seth and Linker played a good game of chess in the afternoon.

Everybody made it to church this morning. We had noticed water coming from the meter, which unfortunately ended up being our pipe. Our fellow that has dug out our cars in the bad weather storms is coming tomorrow to dig it up and replace it. The boys and Linker went to the Senator to see the Lego Batman Movie which was good for a few laughs. Linker went for a nice walk in the late afternoon.