July 26, 2015

Busy couple of weeks. Two weeks ago, Deb and Linker's friend Sondra and her family came to visit. Deb and the boys spent a lot of time with them the first week, visiting with them down in Washington D.C. and spending time at a lodge in Gettysburg.

On the 18th, everyone packed up and headed down to Virginia Beach to stay in a beach house along with Sondra's family. They had a good time on the beach and enjoyed a few good dinners out at Dockside Restaurant.

Some of the other highlights included watching the dolphins doing their own fishing on several of the mornings. Ian had one come very close to him on his boogie board on the Monday morning. Ian also made a new friend in Fred the golden retriever who would come out with his owner Valerie in the mornings. Fred loved to go out in the waves and catch the ball that Ian would throw.

Linker had a couple of good runs on the boardwalk and a nice long run along the service road for Atlantic Avenue and Shore Drive. The whole gang did go to the boardwalk on a Wednesday afternoon for the boys to see it and pick up souvenirs and some ice cream.

We did have one odd experience during the trip. Linker and the boys were having a good time splashing in the waves Wednesday night when they noticed smoke coming from a house about half a block south from where they were staying on 73rd street. Apparently the 17 year old at the house had left “smoking materials” too close to his bed and caused a two-alarm house fire. It caused significant damage to the house, but luckily only to that house and everyone got out OK. The ladies who were eating out down in the town had to park down at 69th street for the night has Atlantic Avenue was completely blocked with fire trucks.

The whole gang did go on Fort Story on Friday for a visit to Old Cape Henry Lighthouse which they enjoyed climbing the spiral staircase to the top for a great view of the ocean and the newer lighthouse.

Yesterday, Seth and Linker enjoyed a last walk on the beach as the sun came up. Then everybody took the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel up the Delmarva peninsula. Linker and Deb were surprised to see a Stuckey's near the Maryland border. So everyone got out and had to do a bit of shopping and fill up the Jeep before we made it home mid-afternoon.

Today after Linker had a quick 5K run and then everyone went to church, Linker was both the Jeeps. It was hot in the afternoon, so Seth and Linker watched a little baseball on the TV while playing Aggravation.

July 12, 2015

Kind of a laid back weekend in between vacation time here at the Mills' household. After some rain Thursday night, the humidity went down, so despite temps near 90, it was a rather nice weekend.

Yesterday after a 12 mile run, Linker changed the oil in Deb's jeep. In the afternoon, everybody went to the Senator Theatre to see the Minions Movie. Ian stayed with his friend Chad at his house in the afternoon. Linker, Deb and Seth went to go take care of the Milligan's house.

Today, Seth woke up with a stomach bug, so most of the day was spent around the house. Linker aired up the spare tires in the Jeeps for the upcoming trips. Seth felt well enough to play a little baseball with Linker and Ian later in the afternoon.

July 5, 2015

Had a fun week as Linker only worked Monday and Tuesday of last week. Tuesday night, Ian had a “surprise” baseball game as the other coach wanted to play the final game. The Braves, along with a few Rangers, played tough, but fell to the Orioles to finish in fourth place in their league.

Wednesday, after getting the camaro off to the shop for a new water pump and radiator, Deb and Linker had lunch at Outback steakhouse. The boys were in camp Wednesday and Thursday, so they also went up to Wegman's on Thursday to shop and have lunch. Linker also got in a nice half down at Druid Hill Park that day under oddly cooler and cloudy skies.

Thursday night everyone went out to the Aberdeen Ironbirds ball game. Everyone got a free hat and we had good sets behind the Ironbirds' dugout. The Ironbirds played tough, but couldn't overcome a couple of errors and lost to the Staten Island Yankees 2-1.

Friday was somewhat laid back as Linker and the boys went up to Joppaview to practice pitching and throwing. Seth played on the playground for a bit of time after practice. The best part of the day was when Sam and Meg Estes stopped by after dinner on their cross-country trip. Everybody enjoyed catching up and they were able to stay until early Saturday.

The Fourth this year was rather cool and cloudy, with a bit of rain in the morning. Linker managed to get in a seven miler, and then after Sam and Meg left, he and Seth played a few games of Connect 4. Ian joined in for a game of Sorry after that. Ian ended up going over to his friend Chad's in the afternoon. Linker watched the Nationals game and then the Orioles game on TV. Deb and Seth ended up going to Kohl's in the afternoon. In the evening, Linker and Seth watched “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” on TV as it was on as part of marathon on the Encore channel.

Today after church, Linker changed the oil and the ar filter in his Jeep, then took a break to watch a rather exciting British Grand Prix which Louis Hamilton won. Then he went out and cut the yards and got back just in time to watch the NHRA finals from Norwalk. Deb and Seth played a game of Monopoly in the afternoon as well.

June 28, 2015

Had the last baseball games of the year this last week. Seth's makeup game was rained out and Ian's was postponed until Thursday. On Thursday, Ian did manage to get his last game in despite some small showers during the game. The Braves went out in great fashion, winning something like 24-8 after a really tough season. Ian was glad to have played the game with his friend Steven Yackley on the other team.

Friday night everyone went out to the Orioles game as a church event. We took school buses down to the stadium, and we ended up being on Seth's school bus and driven his school bus driver. Everyone had a good time, and after years of trying, Deb and kids got to see themselves between innings on the big screen. The Orioles battled with a really good Cleveland Indians team, led by Corey Kluber's 10Ks, and ended up winning 4-3. There was also a great fireworks show at the end which was the first time Seth had ever seen fireworks.

Yesterday ended up being a very wet day. It started raining around 6:00 in the morning and did not stop until after dinner. Linker got in a rather soggy 12 miles in the morning. After a haircut, he and Seth went down to Falls Road Running Store to pick up Linker's new running shoes. When Linker got back, he took Ian to get a new charger for his Nook. After that, the rains really came. Ian went over to his friend Chad's house for awhile in the afternoon. Linker and Deb watched a great Indy Car race from Fontana in the afternoon.

Today for the first time in a few weeks, everybody went to church. Seth's friend JJ came over after church and they played Lego Jurassic World for a bit. There are not too much more planned for the day, but Linker is looking forward to only working two days this week.

June 21, 2015

Had a good Father's Day weekend. Ian and Seth's baseball season is coming to a close, but they both have one more baseball game this coming week. they both had their games Tuesday, but Ian's was cancelled Thursday while Seth got in three innings before the rains came. Thursday was also the boys' last day of school for the year.

Yesterday, Linker got in a really sweaty 12 miles before running some errands. After that, Linker and the boys went down to Patterson Park for a brief time on the playground, but more time feeding the ducks on the pond. They also took a quick trip up to the Pagoda to enjoy the view.

Linker and Seth went later in the day to Target to get some of the new Series 2 Topps baseball cards. Linker spent the rest of the day watching baseball, with Max Scherzer coming within one strike of a perfect game and getting the second no-hitter in Nationals history. Ian went over to is friend Chad's house in the afternoon.

Today for Father's Day, everyone went down to Nationals Park to see the Nationals take on the Pirates. The weather was much better than expected, but everyone was glad we were sitting under shade. The Nationals scored a team record nine runs in the bottom of the first, so it was a bit lopsided. The Nationals ended up winning 9-2. Ian and Seth got to run the bases afterwards and Deb was happy to meet Ray Knight after the game.