April 29, 2012

Had a pretty good weekend here. The weather turned out much better than expected, with a little cool weather Saturday, but quite pleasant today with highs in the mid-60s. We had just a little rain on Saturday night after a rather wet forecast.

Linker and the boys went down to the The Walters Art Museum yesterday. They made a clay calendar ornament along with a small clay dog that Linker made out of the extra clay. The boys also picked up a chess set at the gift shop and both played a few games with Linker over the weekend.

Today Deb and the boys went to church, while Linker went up to First Moravian to help out and see his friends there.

In the afternoon, Linker took Seth to one of the local playgrounds and then played a round of chess with him while Ian played with some of his friends. He and Linker also went up to his school playground for some outside time after dinner.

April 22, 2012

Had a rather lazy weekend here. The boys played outside a lot yesterday as the weather was really nice. Other than a little errand running yesterday, not much was done.

Deb and the boys went to church this morning and Deb found a nail in her tire in the parking lot. Linker was supposed to go up to York today to help out at First Moravian Church, but ended up putting the spare on in the parking lot of the church. It rained all day long, so there was not much in the way of outside activity. Ian did go to his friend Malcolm's birthday party in the afternoon to play laser tag and enjoyed it.

April 15, 2012

Beautiful Spring weekend here. Temperatures in the 70s yesterday and approaching 80 as I write this today.

Linker and the boys went to Rocky Point State Park to enjoy time playing on the playground and the beach on the Chesapeake Bay. They had a good time getting their feet wet and climbing on the rocks on the shore.

After church, today, Ian's friend Chad came by for a visit. Linker enjoyed watching the drag racing from Charlotte on the computer in the afternoon.

April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

The boys had their Spring Break this past week, so Deb took them to several local playgrounds and to visits friends throughout the week.

Had a great weather weekend, so we were outside a lot. After everyone dyed Easter eggs yesterday, Linker and the boys went down to Patterson Park to play on the playground and feed the ducks. Unfortunately, someone took Ian's walking stick while we were down there. But by the late afternoon, Ian had already found another stick and had started sanding it down.

The boys had their Easter baskets this morning and a quick Easter egg hunt in the house. Then everyone went to church. After church, everyone went to Silver Spring Mining Company. Linker had shrimp with crabmeat, Deb had a steak, and Ian had two helping of mac and cheese, and Seth had his usual sandwich from home. In the afternoon, the boys worked on their walking sticks and then Linker took them up to one of the local playgrounds to enjoy the nice weather.

April 1, 2012

Had a rather laid back weekend, due to cool and cloudy weather. Seth and Linker got a new flag for the front porch yesterday, with a quick trip to a local park afterwards. Then the whole gang went to El Salto for Mexican food. The afternoon was spent either playing inside on the computers or for brief periods outside.

Today after church, Linker managed to cut the backyards after a brief dry period. He and Deb had takeout from Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch. For the afternoon, the plan was to relax and watch some drag racing and open wheel racing on TV.