August 26, 2012

Yesterday was the annual trip to the Maryland State Fair. The favorite ride this year seemed to be the purple swings, which the boys both rode at least six times each and sometimes together. They also went on the old favorites of the fun houses and on one where they had to climb up several ropes and bridges to get to the top. Ian and Linker rode the Ferris wheel a couple of times as well. There was supposed to be rain in the morning, but other than a few sprinkles, nothing ever materialized.

Today after church, most of the rest of the day was spent indoors due to on and off rain. Ian enjoyed learning how to use a video camera and making his own videos.

August 19, 2012

Had a fairly busy two weeks. The first week was mostly work and getting ready for a trip to Michigan, but on August 9, we did go see the Aberdeen Ironbirds. The Ironbirds had a rough night of it, losing 12-2 to the Tri-City Wildcats, but everyone enjoyed the game. We had a big rainstorm to drive through on the way home and the game ended early after we left due to the rain.

On that Saturday morning, we packed up and headed to Michigan. Sunday saw Deb, her Mom, and Ian go to church while Linker stayed home and watched a Veggie Tales with Seth, who was a little under the weather. Later that day, Seth felt better and the whole gang went out in the country to see his Uncle Jeff's new place in the country. They had a good cookout, and were able to play with their cousins Katelyn and Kyle.

On Monday, Deb and Linker got to spend some time together around The Henry Ford Museum and a special exhibit they had from relics from the Titanic. Afterwards, they took a quick trip to Greenfield Village as they knew the whole gang was going the next day. They did have fun looking at the Firestone Farm and moving a train on the roundhouse platform.

On Tuesday, the whole gang and Deb's mom went to Greenfield Village and spent the better part of the day there. The boys got to move the roundhouse platform and ride in a Model T for the first time. They also rode on the steam train for a lap around the village.

Wednesday, Deb and Linker went to Cabela's where Deb found a nice Spring/Fall coat and Linker got a pair of work gloves. They then went up to Detroit for a nice lunch outside at Los Galanes.

Thursday Deb, her Mom, and the boys went to one of the local pools where Ian tried diving for the first time and really enjoyed it. Linker went up to Farmington to watch Kyle scrimmage with his football team and to spend some more time with his niece Katelyn.

Friday morning, Ian and Linker went to go see Tornado Alley at the Henry Ford IMAX Theatre. It was nice to finally see the movie they had heard about for years on the Stormchasers series they both enjoy watching. The rest of the day was mostly packing for the trip home and a walk up to the pharmacy for Linker and the boys for a treat.

Had an uneventful trip home yesterday, with a nice picnic lunch at a spot we had stopped at before just before we get back in Maryland. Today was spent relaxing around the house, with only shopping trips for Deb and Linker.

August 5, 2012

We had a busy week as Linker took off the entire week. On Monday, the whole gang went to Dutch Wonderland. There were only a few sprinkles on and off, and the clouds brought down the temperatures. The boys both went on the Turtle Whirl many times, and both took turns on the Kingdom Coaster with Linker. They also took two turns in the waterpark.

On Wednesday, the whole gang took off for Virginia. The first stops were Wade's Mill and Rockbridge Vineyard on a thankfully dry afternoon.

On Thursday morning, everyone went over to Natural Bridge to see all the sights. They also enjoyed the butterfly garden and the toy museum located inside the main building. After lunch, they enjoyed a ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway and were able to see some of the sights they missed last year because of foggy conditions.

Yesterday was pretty laid back as a recovery day. Linker and Ian washed both Jeeps in the morning and Linker did some yard work later in the day.

Today Deb and the boys went to church and then went back to school shopping. Linker went up to York to help out at First Moravian. Other than replacing some license plate lights in his Jeep, there was not much other activity today. Seth played some with his friend JJ and we all waited for some promised thunderstorms to come later this afternoon to get temperatures out of the high 90s.