December 31, 2012

Well, another year has come and gone. We had a relatively good last couple weeks of the year. We had planned to go up to Michigan on the 22nd, but blizzard conditions in the mountains put that trip off by a day. The boys went to the last archery class of the fall session that day instead.

The next day everyone headed up to Michigan which ended up being a thankfully uneventful trip. Linker helped set up Deb's Mom's new computer with Windows 8, which had a bit of a learning curve, but was set up well by the time we left. On Christmas Eve, Linker and Ian went to go see “The Hobbit” at the Henry Ford IMAX Theatre, which they both enjoyed.

Christmas saw the usual get together at the house. Linker, Ian and Kyle took the annual trip up to the pharmacy on Christmas day. The boys enjoyed some of their new presents and playing with their cousins.

The rest of the week saw some snow at least twice while we were there. Ian and Seth both got sick later in the week, which somewhat muted things. Deb and Linker did get a chance to go to Cabela's and then went out to lunch at Los Galanes on Saturday. The boys also went roller skating twice while there in Detroit.

Today was pretty laid back. Seth had an early visit to the ER related to the stomach virus, but was OK by the afternoon. Linker went to the car wash to get the salt and dirt off the Jeep. The boys played various video games, including Minecraft on both the computer and the XBOX 360.

December 16, 2012

Had some colder weather this week, but no snow as of yet.

The milder temperatures helped out Linker as he ran the Celtic Solstice down at Druid Hill Park. He had a great time and ended up running 47:28, which was the same exact time he ran in the 2011 race.

Deb, Ian and Seth went to archery that morning, and Seth was excited that he got to pop two balloons. After that, they all went up the Chuck-E-Cheese in Bel Air for their friend JJ's birthday party.

Santa dropped off their presents again early this year, so in the late afternoon, the boys got to open their Christmas presents. Seth got some games for his Nintendo 3DS, a Lego set, and some new clothes. Ian ended up with some games for his 3DS as well, as long as the complete Harry Potter movie collection on blu-ray.

Today, finally everyone was well enough to make it to church. In the afternoon, Ian put together his Lego set while Seth enjoyed some of his new video games. Their friend JJ also came over and he played some video games on a rather cool and grey day as well.

December 9, 2012

Kind of a repeat of last weekend, only it was Seth that came home sick from school Friday afternoon. He and Linker stayed home Friday night as Deb and Ian went to the KidStuf presentation at church.

Saturday was rather cloudy, but with temperatures in the 50s. Linker and Ian went to archery in the morning. Ian was happy that since they split the class in two sessions, they finally got to shoot balloons for the final ends. Linker went down to Falls Road Running Store to pickup his bib and shirt for next Saturday's Celtic Solstice. Deb and Ian also took a trip to the library to pick up a few books.

Last night, Linker watched the Heisman trophy presentation. Johnny Manziel, the quarterback for Texas A&M won the award, and became the first freshman ever and the first for A&M since 1957 and John David Crow.

Today started out as rainy and foggy, and with Seth still with a 101° temperature, the morning was spent at home. Deb watched the Ravens play the Redskins in the afternoon and the boys played some video games, including the ever popular Little Big Planet 2.

December 2, 2012

Slow weekend as Ian came home Friday from school sick. Spent a lot of the time indoors.

Linker went for an early morning run yesterday for training for the upcoming Celtic Solstice. After that, he and Seth went to archery lessons in the morning. After lunch, Deb, Seth, and Linker went over to Home Depot and got this year's Christmas tree. Linker even managed to get it in the back of the old Jeep after putting the rear seats down. Part of the afternoon was spent setting it up and decorating it. Linker watched the Appalachian State playoff game, with the Mountaineers losing a heartbreaker to Illinois State after their PAT was blocked in overtime.

Today was spent at home with Ian still not feeling too well, but his fever was gone. It was quite foggy and started to look like winter with all the leaves gone from the trees. Deb planned to watch the Ravens play the Ravens here in Baltimore later this afternoon.