August 21, 2016

Kind of a slow weekend for the last true weekend of the summer as both the boys start school on Wednesday. Linker went down to Druid Hill Park for the Dreaded Druid Hills 10K. He did eight miles before so he could get his long run of the week in, which made for a bit of a slower go during the race, but finished in a respectable 1:01:53. The rest of the day was mostly spent around the house, as the heat and humidity was back this weekend. While not as hot as last weekend, it was still a bit humid all weekend.

Everybody made it to church this morning. After church, Linker and Deb went shopping for ceiling fans as now two of them had broken light switches. They found two they were looking for and hope to get them installed alter this week. After that, they went out to lunch at The Original Steakhouse.

In the afternoon, the whole gang was supposed to go to the Orioles game, but thunderstorms delayed the game enough that they are able to use the tickets for any remaining home game. Linker, Deb, and Ian watched “Superman vs. Batman: Dawn of Justice” in the afternoon.

August 14, 2016

Hottest weekend of the year so far. Temperatures were close to 100 for most of the later part of the week and for the weekend, with heat indexes well above that. It was the hottest here in Baltimore for several years, with the record in D.C. being broken yesterday.

Linker somehow made it through a 14 mile run on Saturday morning going quite slowly. After that, most of the rest of the day was spend indoors for the the rest of the gang. Linker went over to the archery range to help set up for the state 3D tournament held today. Mercifully, it was a little cooler in the woods with a bit of a breeze.

Everybody made it to church this morning. Linker watched the end of the women's Olympic marathon, where all three of the American women finished in the top 10. Pat and Kate were kind enough to share some steamed crabs that Linker had for lunch.

Ian is scheduled to go to the pool with his friend Chad this afternoon. Linker is going over to the range to help pick up the 3D animals this afternoon. Seth will have his last week of camp this coming week.

August 7, 2016

Had a good trip up to Detroit last week. The ride up on the 30th was a bit rough, with several thunderstorms to go through on the way. But we did get through them and arrived at Deb's mom house in the early afternoon.

Sunday, Everyone went over to Sunday school and Deb's Mom and Ian stayed for the service. In the afternoon, we were lucky enough to have Kyle and his girlfriend Caitlyn come over and spend the afternoon.

Monday, Deb and Linker went to Cabela's and then to Los Galanes for lunch and then picked up tamales at La Gloria Bakery. The boys and Deb's mom went to the go-kart track where they had a good time. That afternoon our niece Katelyn came over and visited and had dinner with us.

Tuesday everyone headed over to Greenfield Village for the annual visit. Despite the heat, everyone stayed several hours. Kyle came over and spent the night.

Wednesday Kyle and Linker went out for an early morning run. Kyle did his first 10K that morning, which made for a proud uncle. Linker and Deb then went to the Henry Ford Museum to see an exhibit on the Beatles, which they both enjoyed. Linker stayed behind in the afternoon as everyone else went to the pool for awhile.

Wednesday night, Deb and Linker went out by themselves to the Tigers game. It was their star rookie pitcher Fulmer against the White Sox's ace Sale. Tight game until J.D. Martinez came off the bench in the bottom of the 8th to pinch hit. In his first at bat in almost a month in a half since being put on the DL, he took the first pitch right over the left centerfield wall. Amazing moment and the Tigers went on to win 2-1.

The rest of the week was spent more around the house, although there was a trip to Skateland for some roller skating on Thursday. Linker and the boys also went to see “Ice Age: Collision Course” on Friday and ended up having a private showing -- there was no one else in the theater. It was the 10:00 a.m. show, but that was the last time the theater was showing it.

Yesterday the trip home was thankfully easier and only had one or two rain showers. Everyone unpacked and then the boys played video games the rest of the afternoon.

Today was a recovery day from all the traveling and vacation. Just about everyone except Seth and Linker slept in a bit. Linker went for a quick 5K run in the morning, which he enjoyed some thankfully lower humidity. Linker mowed the lawn and then installed a network/backup drive so Deb could have a backup for her laptop and we all could share files easier. In the afternoon, Linker went out on another errand while everyone else enjoyed the air conditioning as the temperatures went up to around 90.

July 24, 2016

Hottest weekend of the year so far. Temperatures were close to 100 yesterday and are flirting with the same today. Somehow Linker managed to eek out a 12 mile run yesterday with temperatures never getting much below 77 with high humidity even before sunrise. He then changed the oil in Deb's jeep before it got too much hotter in preparation for the Michigan trip next weekend. In the afternoon, Linker and the boys went to go see Star Trek: Beyond down at the Senator.

Sunday morning everyone made it over to church. Linker ran a few errands after that, but much of the rest of the afternoon is planned to be spent indoors from the heat.