March 29, 2015

Hard to believe it was Spring this weekend. Temperatures were barely in the 40s yesterday and today started out in the mid-20s.

Linker ran the last few miles of his Saturday morning run with snow flurries coming down. Deb and the boys had gone to a Toby Mac concert on Friday night, so most of the day was spent around the house.

Today was Palm Sunday, but Seth woke up with a stomach bug that kept us all from going to church. Seth was feeling better by the afternoon, but he is probably going to miss the first of his puppet shows that is this afternoon as well. Deb is still planning to go as she runs the sounds of the show. Ian will probably be the only one to make it to church today for his youth group this afternoon.

March 22, 2015

Had a fun weekend, with Spring finally arriving on Friday. The catch was that we had two inches of snow on Friday, with it not making much difference to the roads, but leaving a coating of snow everywhere else.

It kept about freezing Friday night, so Linker was able to run his normal route yesterday, with snow on either sides of the sidewalks and roads making it a prettier run. We all hope that was the last of the snow for the winter, though.

The temperatures got up to around 60° yesterday with sunny skies in the afternoon. The whole gang went down to Washington D.C. for the day to enjoy the warmer weather. Seth's Washington National's lanyard had broken so we went by the team store at the stadium to get a new one. They also had a lot of specials on playoff shirts and hats from last year, so we ended getting a few good deals as well.

Lunch was at Tortilla Coast and then it was down Capitol Hill for a visit to the National Museum of the American Indian. Linker had only been there once, and Deb and the boys had never been. Everyone enjoyed looking at the exhibits and the boys enjoyed the kids area with an interactive skateboard, raft, and a quiz show. There was a brief visit to a crowded Air and Space Museum so Seth could see the original Wright flyer that he had studied in class.

Today after church, Linker and the boys practiced baseball in at weather that was cooler than yesterday, but bearable. Seth played some outside with his friend JJ and some video games inside.

March 15, 2015

Weather was much better this week than last. The boys actually went to school on time all week, which was the first time since Christmas that had happened. The warmer temperatures melted most of the snow as well.

Yesterday was a rainy, but warmer day. Linker got in a very wet seven mile run in the morning. After that, he and Seth went out shopping for baseball cards and wandered around Target after turning in his change at the bank. He and Deb picked up the Camaro after getting some work done on it and then went out to lunch at El Salto. After that, most of the time was spent around the house as the rain never really stopped throughout the day.

Today only Deb and Ian made it to church, as Seth had his long delayed baseball tryouts. Ian had his in the early afternoon. Linker watched a lot of the NHRA Gaternationals in the afternoon. Seth spent some time over at JJ's house in the afternoon. Ian is planning to go to his youth group later tonight.

March 8, 2015

Had a crazy weather week and the boys ended up only having two days of school this past week. School was cancelled mainly due to ice remaining from the storm last Sunday, but then on Thursday we got seven inches of snow that wiped out school for the boys on both Thursday and Friday. Deb and the boys went to Arundel Mills Mall on Friday and hit all the usual spots. We all hope that was the last snow of the season.

Saturday, after a 10 mile run in 12° weather that Linker did up some different roads due to the lingering effects of the snow, we had the last indoor archery session of the season. It was a bit sad, but that usually is a sign that Spring is not far off. Ian might be joining a new archery class that will meet in the evenings.

Today after church, Linker played a few games of Star Wars: Battlefront with Seth on the old XBOX. All the boys are going outside in a few minutes to enjoy at least somewhat warmer weather and play some catch. Deb and Seth are headed to puppet practice later today and Ian has a concert at his small group gathering tonight.

March 1, 2015

Had at least a pretty good weekend this time around, although still quite cold. The past week was brutally cold with one snow day and several two hour delays due to the temperatures being in the single digits in the mornings. The nine inches of snow we got last weekend didn't really melt because of the cold. So no one here is really sad to see February go this year.

Yesterday Linker got in seven miles in 14° degree weather. He is looking forward to not having to wear three layers on a run soon. His leg was feeling much better. He and the boys went to the next to last archery session of the season in the later morning.

In the afternoon, Linker ran some errands and picked up a few video games for he and the boys since the federal tax return came this week. He picked up an older version of a baseball game and Little Big Planet 3. Seth went to over to JJ's house and Ian went to Skyzone with his youth group. The boys and Linker had fun playing the new games later in the afternoon.

Today had much less going on after church. The boys were supposed to have their tryouts for baseball this afternoon, but it got cancelled after a snowstorm came through. Seth went back over to his friend JJ's house in the afternoon.