December 4, 2016

Seemed like a pretty busy weekend. Linker started off with a quick 5K in the morning as his left leg remains a bit sore. Deb had a puppet show that morning and Seth went to help her out. Linker and Ian went to archery in the later morning. Linker managed to get a Robin Hood on one end, his first ever.

In the afternoon, Linker and Deb got the Christmas tree. After getting it set up, the boys helped decorate up the tree. Ian also strung some lights around the front porch that turned out well.

Linker, Ian, and Seth made it to church this morning. Deb had a puppet show at the Milligan's church. Ian had AV duty this morning, so spent most of the morning there. The afternoon was pretty laid back, with Linker putting air in Deb's Jeep spare tire. Linker is going to Ian's youth group for the first part tonight.

November 27, 2016

Had an enjoyable long Thanksgiving day weekend. Linker and Ian started off Thanksgiving with the Gobble Cobble 5K down at the Baltimore Harbor. They both had a good time taking a lap around the harbor, and finished in a respectable time of 35 minutes. Right after the run, Ian played football with his church youth group up at Perry Hall Park. There was talk of rain in the morning, but other than a few drops at the 5K start, nothing luckily ever materialized.

After the football game, everyone piled into the Jeep and headed over to Silver Spring Mining Company for lunch. Linker was the only one having the traditional turkey dinner. Deb had steak, Ian had mac and cheese, and Seth had cheese quesadillas. The afternoon was spent mostly around the house, as Linker turned off the outside pipes and raked up the leaves in the backyard. The A&M / LSU game did not go well for the Aggies that night.

Friday and Saturday were spent mostly around the house. Linker, Ian, and Seth went to go see "Fabulous Creatures and Where to Find Them" down at the Senator on Friday. Linker did start Saturday off with a seven mile run. We had fair weather all weekend.

Everybody made it to church this morning. Linker went for a nice two mile walk in the afternoon despite a cool breeze with temps in the 50s. Linker and Ian plan to watch the latest X-Men movie from Netflix this afternoon.

November 20, 2016

Kind of laid back weekend. Ian spent all weekend at his Youth for Christ (Middle School) youth group in Ocean City for a conference.

Linker started out Saturday with a simple 5K as his left leg was a bit sore during the week. He then fixed one of the reverse lights in Deb's Jeep. Deb headed over to church in the morning to help fix up Thanksgiving baskets. Linker and Seth went down to Falls Road Running Store to pick up a new pair of running shoes. In the afternoon, a strong cold front went through bringing high winds, much colder temperatures, and some rain.

This morning Linker, Deb, and Seth made it over to church. Most of the rest of the day was spent indoors because of continuing high winds and temperatures no high than the mid-40s. Linker is going to pick up Ian in a few minutes and Ian might go to his other youth group later.

November 13, 2016

Not too much going on this week. Finally got down to freezing last night, so Linker will put the impatiens out for the garbage in the the morning.

Linker started out the weekend with a half with the temperatures just above freezing, but really enjoyed it. Unfortunately his new 920xt goofed up, so back it went and a replacement is on its way. In the afternoon, the whole gang went over to the Senator to see “Doctor Strange”, as the boys wanted to see it too. Linker and Deb didn't mind seeing it a second time.

Today, everyone went to church, with Linker and Deb going out to lunch afterwards for their 17th anniversary. Linker plans to watch some of the last drag race of the year later this afternoon. Deb has puppet practice in the late afternoon, and Ian has his bonfire with his youth group.

November 6, 2016

Kind of a busy week which started off with Halloween. Both boys recycled their costumes from last year. So Seth went as slender man again and Ian wore his horse head out. Ian went with Deb to Tae Kwon Do that night too and briefly was the only one in the class.

Linker started out the weekend with a seven mile run in rather frosty conditions. There was a rather huge sale on the Garmin 920xt, so Linker got one, and is currently selling two of his older GPS watches on Ebay.

In the afternoon, Linker ran the lawnmower out of gas after running it over the backyard to get up some of the leaves. After that, he and Deb went to the Senator to see “Doctor Strange”. The both enjoyed it and went to Italian Sensation for a quick dinner afterwards.

Everybody made it to church this morning. Ian helped out at church this morning with the A/V team. Linker took a long walk around the neighborhood as temps were in the 60s and the leaves were at their peak. In the afternoon, Linker went over to Jerusalem Mills for a quick hike up the Little Gunpowder trail. The leaves were slightly past peak, but out in the woods it was still really pretty.