September 25, 2016

Hard to believe the last weekend in September. Cool temperatures this morning, with it around 51 on the back porch .

Linker started off the weekend with a half run in preparation for the Baltimore Running Festival in a few weeks. It was still somewhat warm with temps in the high 60s.

The rest of the day was spent car shopping. The venerable green jeep had some major issues with the front differential and transfer case, so Linker and Deb decided to get a new car about 10 months early. They ended up at the CarMax in Ellicott City and came home with a 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee with a little less than 16,000 miles on it. Hopefully it will last a good long time. The boys were real good to pretty much entertain themselves the whole day.

Everybody made it to church this morning. After church, Ian went to a friend's birthday party where they went paintballing. Deb and Linker went to the Orioles game. They had fun going with Jason and Jess, and saw a good game along the lower third base line. The Orioles ended up beating the Arizona Diamondbacks 2-1. Ian went to his youth group in the late afternoon.

September 18, 2016

A little cooler this weekend, at least for the start. We got brief glimpses of Fall last week, with some lows around 60 at night. Still very dry with some rain promised for the next couple of days.

Linker started the day off yesterday with a half that luckily was in cooler weather, but still humid. Then everyone went down to Arundel Mills Mall for the first time since late last year. Everyone took a turn at the shooting range in Bass Pro Shops. There was also a visit to the Lego Store before having lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. The rest of the afternoon was spent with Linker getting a haircut and then watching some college football with Deb. JJ came over for awhile in the afternoon and played some outside with Seth.

Everybody except Linker made it to church this morning. Linker watched the Singapore Grand Prix which Nico Rosberg won despite a late charge by Daniel Ricciardo. After lunch, Linker and Ian watched “Captain America: Civil War” before he was to head off to his youth group later. JJ came over again to play with Seth in the late afternoon.

September 11, 2016

The summer keeps on going here in Baltimore. It was well into the high 90s yesterday, but luckily enough cooled down a little bit today with highs only in the 80s and lower humidity.

Linker started off the weekend with a 10 mile run that was quite hot. He then changed the oil in his Jeep. Deb and her group had a puppet show at the Parkville Fair in this morning. Linker went over to Charm City Run in the afternoon to use a coupon he had received from running the Charles Street 12.

This morning everyone made it over to church. Since today was the 15th anniversary on the 9-11 attacks, there were several shows today and yesterday on the History channel that Deb and Linker watched. JJ came over to visit Seth for awhile in the afternoon. Linker and Ian took a quick trip down to the 7-11 in the afternoon. Deb had puppet practice later this afternoon, and Linker and Ian have his first youth group meeting of the Fall this afternoon as well.

September 5, 2016

A nice weekend, that was made better by an expected hurricane Hermine making its way further east than expected. It was pleasant all weekend with Sunday and today being very pleasant with lows in the low 60s at night.

The weekend somewhat started off Thursday night, as Linker stayed up to watch Appalachian State take on heavily favored Tennessee. The Mountaineers played a great gam and forced overtime, where they came up one touchdown short.

Linker took Friday off, so it was a four day weekend for him. He and Deb went up to Havre De Grace to eat lunch at MacGregor's out on the deck and watch the trains pass over the Susquehanna River bridge. They then went by Charm City Run to pick up Linker's bib for Saturday.

Linker started off Saturday with the Charles Street 12. The race once again started by Linker's original apartment across from the Shops at Kenilworth in Towson. Hard to believe it was almost exactly 20 years ago when he moved there. The race went well, with a good crowd in somewhat humid conditions and 70 degrees. Linker was happy with his 1:49:26 time and enjoyed unintentionally pacing with “Team Braxton” with Athletes Serving Athletes.

The rest of the afternoon was spent watching the first weekend of college football with Deb and Linker watching several game. A&M forced overtime against favored UCLA and ended up winning its first game of the season.

Yesterday, everyone went to church, with Ian going a bit early to learn his new job helping out on the A/V team. After lunch, Ian found his new iphone wasn't working, so Linker took him to get a replacement while Deb had puppet practice in the afternoon.

Linker and Ian took in the next to last Aberdeen Ironbirds game of the year last night. It was the mascot Ferrous' birthday, so all sort of silliness ensued, including a cake to the face of one of the helpers. There was also a marriage proposal with the ring hidden in one half of the frozen t-shirts. The Ironbirds jumped out to an early lead on the Hudson Valley Renegades and held on to win 5-2. There was also a great fireworks show after the game.

Today Linker started out Labor Day with a 5K which hopefully will take care of some of the lingering quad soreness from Saturday. He and Ian played “Tropico 5” at different points in the morning on the Xbox One. Linker picked it up yesterday and has been enjoying it as it reminds him of Sim City.

After lunch, the whole gang went to go see the 35th anniversary showing of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” over at the Senator in the afternoon. Deb and Seth went up to walk and ride at Honeygo Park after dinner.

August 28, 2016

First week of school last week. Ian started 8th grade and Seth started 5th grade on Wednesday. It was a busy week as both boys had their belt tests as well. Ian earned his super green belt and Seth earned his super blue belt. Because of their levels, everyone attended two different belt ceremonies Friday night.

Yesterday Linker started out the day with a seven mile run. His kidney stones kicked up last week, so he might have to cut back a little for awhile. Everyone is hoping for cooler weather anyway, and we did get a brief glimpse early last week with some morning temperatures in the low 60s.

Yesterday was also the annual trip to the Maryland State Fair. As usual we went early, so despite it being a hot day, we got everything done around lunchtime. Everyone enjoyed seeing the animals before the midway opened. There was a new roller coaster that Linker and the boys enjoyed. Everyone also got into the action on the bumper cars as well. Seth rode the big Ferris wheel with Ian and Linker. There were a few old favorites in the kid's section as well, such as the slide and the smaller roller coaster.

Linker and Ian were done after Ian took one last ride on a swing ride called the Viper. He and Linker took a quick trip down to Falls Road Running store to pick up some new shoes. Deb and Ian stuck around the fair for about another hour and then came home. Seth and JJ did a lot of catching up this week as they had not seen each other much over the summer. They played video games most of the afternoon, which did get quite hot. Linker waited until after dinner to cut the grass.

Sunday morning everyone made it over to church. After church, Linker and Deb got some more ceiling fan installation supplies as it had become a more complicated job than was first thought. Both fans are set to be installed tomorrow. Then Linker put a new battery in Deb's Jeep as the one in it was getting near the end of its reliable life after three years. JJ came back over in the afternoon to play with Seth.