October 19, 2014

Had a good couple of days as Linker had Thursday and Friday off. Weather is starting to get cooler as it is finally beginning to feel like Fall.

On Thursday, Linker and Deb went down to the Baltimore Running Festival expo to pick up Linker's bib and shirt for the race Saturday. The had a good time walking around and went to Pickle's Pub for lunch.

Friday the whole gang went down to Washington D.C. on the MARC train. Their first stop was the Library of Congress for something a bit different and a place that Seth had never been. Then it was more of the usual stops with Tortilla Coast for lunch. Then trips to both the U.S. Botanic Garden and then the Air and Space Museum. The last stop was at the Nationals stadium, where everyone got something at the store, mostly NL East champion t-shirts.

Saturday was the Baltimore Running Festival. Linker did the half, and came in with a time of 2:05:54, which gave him a two minute PR for that race. It was a little hotter and sunny, along with the race starting an hour earlier than normal. Linker was pleased with the result, despite his legs trying to cramp up near the end. Deb and the boys went Halloween costume hunting and then went to a corn maze that evening.

Today was a bit of a recovery day. Linker mowed the lawn for the hopefully last time and mulched around the tree in the front yard. The boys played Minecraft, and then Lesley Milligan came over to carve pumpkins with Deb.

October 12, 2014

Playing catch up after a couple of busy weekends. The big news around was that the Nationals and the Orioles were in the playoffs. The Nationals sadly lost out to the Giants in the fourth game of the NLDS. The Orioles made it to the AL Championship, but as of last night lost the first two at Camden Yards to the Royals.

Back on Saturday the 4th, Linker and the boys, along with their friend Ethan, went to the NHRA Nationals up at Maple Grove Raceway. The day started out rather rainy, but the racing picked up shortly after lunchtime. The boys got to meet Angelle Sampey, who was returning to pro stock motorcycle after a seven year hiatus. V Gaines was kind enough to give the boys little matchbox reproductions of his pro stock car, which we all know as the "teeth" car. Ian was especially glad to see Jerry Savoie again, since he had not been to Maple Grove in awhile and we had recently seen the re-air of his episode as an alligator farmer on "Dirty Jobs." The traditional dinner was once again had at the Windmill Family Restaurant.

While the boys were doing all this, Deb and Sue Milligan were attending a conference out near Frederick. She arrived back home after lunch on Sunday.

This week, Linker was at the Maryland Chapter of the HFMA annual institute at the Chesapeake Hyatt. He had a good time catching up with folks he usually only sees a few times a year.

Yesterday was a cool and rainy day, so most of the time was spent indoors catching up on reading. Linker and Seth managed to get in a few games of Star Wars: Battlefront on the old XBOX in the morning. Then they went out on errands to Falls Road Running Store to get Linker some new shoes and then to Home Dept to get a filter for the humidifier. Ian had spent the night with his friend Chad and came home late that evening.

Today after church, Deb watched the Ravens take on the Buccaneers in Tampa Bay. Seth has puppet practice at the Milligans' church late in the afternoon and Ian had his small group at church.

September 28, 2014

A strangely warm weekend for the first weekend of Fall. Temperatures were up in the 80s both days. It was clear skies for the weekend as well.

Yesterday, the whole gang went down to D.C. for the Nationals game. It was a little hot sitting in the outfield, but cooled a bit as the sun went down. Steven Strasburg pitched a great game and the Nationals ended up beating the Miami Marlins 5-1.

Today after church, Linker and the boys watched a rental of Captain America: The Winter Solldier while Deb watched the Ravens beat up on the Panthers. They all caught the end of the Nationals game where Jordan Zimmermann pitched the first no-hitter in Nationals history. Deb and Seth went to practice the puppet show at the Milligan's church while Linker planned to take Ian to the first true meeting of his youth group later this afternoon.

September 21, 2014

Bit of a laid back weekend. Temperatures are coming back down to Fall levels slowly. The Orioles and the Nationals both secured their division wins on Tuesday night, so that was a bit of historic baseball that night. Looking forward to October baseball along the beltways.

Friday night, Ian went off to the Fall Retreat with his church group up to Camp Sandy Hill, which he is supposed to return from this afternoon.

After haircuts yesterday morning, Linker and Seth went up to Annie's Playground for a little over an hour. The weather was really nice in the morning and Seth played through the treehouse portion for most of the time, although he did get a turn on the tire swing.

Today after church, Seth was trying his hands at some of our older video games. The weather was looking like it was going to rain, so most of the activity for the rest of the day will probably be indoors.