November 22, 2015

Kind of a rough week at the Mills' household. Seth got pneumonia from either Deb or Linker and was out the whole week from school. After a visit to the doc and some medicine, he did start feeling better near the end of the week. Temperatures are also starting to get much colder in the evenings.

Seth went to his Tae Kwon Do classes Friday night and Saturday morning to make up the Wednesday class he missed. Ian was actually gone most of the weekend with his middle school group to Ocean City for a retreat. He is scheduled to come back later this afternoon. Yesterday afternoon, Seth and Linker went down to the Senator to see the Peanuts Movie which they both enjoyed.

Today after church, Seth finished up his make up work from school and then JJ came over to play in the afternoon. Linker went for a quick run as he is expected to have lithotripsy tomorrow that will keep him from running for about a week and a half.

November 15, 2015

Odd weekend this time around as unfortunately everyone except Ian was sick at one time or another in the house. Deb found out she had a case of pneumonia early in the week, but was lucky enough it could be treated at home. Linker also has a fairly serious cold he has been trying to beat for the last week. Seth joined the fun this morning when he woke up with a fever and a cough.

Linker and Deb had planned to get takeout from Outback Steakhouse Friday to celebrate their anniversary, but after waiting at the store a half hour after the takeout was supposed to be ready, they gave up.

Yesterday Linker went on a slow seven miler to start out they day, and then Ian and he went to archery. Seth and Deb went to a make up Tae Kwon Do class, and then a birthday party. Everyone went down to the Baltimore Arena to see the Baltimore Blast play the Syracuse Silver Knights which they handily defeated 6-0. Everyone enjoyed the game, but left at halftime due to most everyone feeling poorly.

Today Linker and Ian did the Honeygo Family 5K which they finished in around 38 minutes. Considering Ian had no training at all, and decided to run the race last night, everyone was pretty impressed.

The rest of the day was spend around the house relaxing, watching a James Bond movie, and taking Ian to his youth group at church.

November 8, 2015

Had a nice weekend as most of the leaves had fallen, but warmer temperatures kept daytime temps in the 50s.

Linker started the yesterday off with a 12 miler around the usual neighborhood spots in a tshirt and shorts, which he is sure will not last much longer. Then it was off to the first family archery session of the season with him and the boys.

In the afternoon, everyone went out to support Deb and Seth at one of their puppet shows at a local retirement community. Everyone helped out setting up the show and even helping a few of the residents get to and from the show.

Today Deb was not feeling well, so everyone stayed home from church. Linker raked the leaves up from their neighbor Penny's yard. He then ran the lawnmower around the back yard to grind up the leaves and run it out of gas for the season.

In the afternoon, Linker and the boys went to go see “Spectre” at the Senator, which they all enjoyed. The rest of the afternoon has Deb and Seth going to puppet practice and Ian going to his youth group.

November 1, 2015

Had a nice long weekend as Linker took the day off Friday and the boys only had a half day at school that day as well. Linker and Deb went to see Seth's Halloween parade at the school and then signed Seth out for the day. Seth and Linker then watched “Home” that morning and agreed it was an OK movie.

Later that afternoon, Seth had his yellow belt test at Tae Kwon Do which he passed with flying colors. Everyone was really impressed as he had missed almost a month of classes with his broken toe.

Yesterday was a little laid back. Linker ran a half down at Druid Hill Park in chilly, but not too cold, conditions. He enjoyed seeing all the Fall colors. When he got back, he and Ian went out looking at bicycles, but couldn't find one quite in Ian's price range.

It was also Halloween yesterday, so Seth took his "Slender Man" costume and went out trick or treating with JJ along with Deb and his Mom. Ian went to his friend Gabe's house and went trick or treating with his horse's head. Linker handed out more candy than in previous years, and we seemed to have a slightly bigger crowd before shutting down a little before 8:00.

Today after church, Ian is scheduled to go to a bonfire with his youth group tonight. Most of the rest of the day was spent around the house.

October 25, 2015

Ian had a big week this week as his 13th birthday was on Thursday. The whole gang and Deb's mom went over to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. Ian enjoyed his mac and cheese and once again got to wear his “Birthday Buffalo” hat. He got lots of cash to spend and an Amazon Fire tablet.

On Friday, Ian had a sleepover here at the house with around six of his friends. The boys had a good time, despite not much sleep happening at the sleepover.

Yesterday started out with Linker driving Deb's mom down to the airport for her flight home. He got home after all of Ian's friends had been picked up. They then went over to church to help prepare meals as part of “C3 Feeds”. Seth walked the bags that Linker opened down the assembly line to put in the parts of the Black Beans and Rice mixture. Ian helped seal the bags which Deb sorted into the boxes.

After lunch, Linker mowed the front lawns for what he hoped was the last time and mulched around the front tree. He then went for a quick 5K around the neighborhood to enjoy the trees at the peak of their Fall color.

Today after church, Linker ran a few errands and then went out to Jerusalem Mill for a quick walk around the river and to once again enjoy the Fall foliage. He then watched the U.S. Grand Prix where Lewis Hamilton won and won his 3rd world championship. Deb and Seth had puppet practice in the late afternoon.