October 16, 2016

Rather nicer weather this weekend. Being made better as Linker had both Thursday and Friday off.

On Thursday, Linker and Deb went downtown to pick up Linker's shirt and bib for the Baltimore Running Festival. They had lunch at Pickle's Pub before walking over to the expo. They were treated to the Blue Angels practicing for their airshow yesterday, which they both enjoyed. The Nationals played hard that night, but lost in game five to the Dodgers in the National League Division Series.

Friday was a little more laid back, with Linker and Deb just going out to lunch to break up the day after having both Jeeps emissions inspected. After Ian got home from school, he went over to church and left for his youth group retreat at Sandy Hill Camp for the weekend.

Yesterday was the Baltimore Running Festival, and Linker ran the half. He finished in a respectable time of 2:02:51. It was very sunny without a cloud in the sky and was in the low 60s near the end of the race. Deb and Seth spent some time in the morning over at Chapel Hills Farm enjoying their Fall Festival and feeding some of the animals. In the afternoon, Linker and Deb watched the Alabama / Tennessee game until it became an Alabama blowout.

This morning Linker, Deb, and Seth made it over to church. Linker ran some errands after church, and then picked up Ian over at church in the early afternoon. Linker and Seth played a quick game of chess as Seth has joined the chess club at his school. Linker took a quick walk in the afternoon to help his legs out from the extra effort yesterday and to enjoy the nice Fall day. Deb went to puppet show practice in the late afternoon.

October 9, 2016

Rather a rainy grey weekend until late today. Beginning to feel a lot more like Fall these days. The rain yesterday was from a cold front that helped push Hurricane Matthew out to sea, so no one tended to mind.

The Orioles season was over Tuesday night as they lost the wildcard game to Toronto in extra innings. The Nationals are still in the division series as of this moment, although they are down 1-0 to the Dodgers and play again this afternoon after yesterday's game was rained out.

Linker was at the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay from Wednesday to Friday. He enjoyed most of the education sessions and being able to catch up with old friends, especially a St. Joe's reunion from the late 90s with Hannah, Sharon, and Lauren.

Yesterday was mostly rainy and spent indoors, although Linker did get a seven mile taper run as his last long run before next weekend's Baltimore Running Festival. Seth went to Tae Qwon Do in the late afternoon for a seminar and review session. Linker and Deb watched Texas A&M win a thriller in 2OT over Tennessee.

Today, everyone went to church, with Ian going a bit early as it was his day to help with A/V team. After lunch, Ian is to go back to church later for his regular youth group meeting.

October 2, 2016

After not raining for a month, all the rain seemed to come this past week. From Wednesday on, we had at least some showers today. At least today was just cloudy with a few mid-day sprinkles.

Linker went solo up to Maple Grove Raceway yesterday. The weather was rather cool and misty to start. But after enjoying “Nitro School” with Tommy Johnson Jr. and Alan Reinhardt, there was some racing with one round of pro qualifying before the rains came. Linker got to see many of his favorite drivers like John Force and Erica Enders, as well as meeting Leah Pritchett and Melissa Surber for the first time. The standard dinner was had at the Windmill. Linker and Deb watched “Bridge of Spies” in the evening.

Sunday morning everyone made it over to church. After church, Linker and Deb put some new floor mats in the new Jeep. Linker cleaned up both Jeeps and tried to wipe down the Leather seats on both. Ian is scheduled to go to his youth group this afternoon, and Linker might try to watch the final eliminations from Maple Grove later this afternoon.

September 25, 2016

Hard to believe the last weekend in September. Cool temperatures this morning, with it around 51 on the back porch .

Linker started off the weekend with a half run in preparation for the Baltimore Running Festival in a few weeks. It was still somewhat warm with temps in the high 60s.

The rest of the day was spent car shopping. The venerable green jeep had some major issues with the front differential and transfer case, so Linker and Deb decided to get a new car about 10 months early. They ended up at the CarMax in Ellicott City and came home with a 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee with a little less than 16,000 miles on it. Hopefully it will last a good long time. The boys were real good to pretty much entertain themselves the whole day.

Everybody made it to church this morning. After church, Ian went to a friend's birthday party where they went paintballing. Deb and Linker went to the Orioles game. They had fun going with Jason and Jess, and saw a good game along the lower third base line. The Orioles ended up beating the Arizona Diamondbacks 2-1. Ian went to his youth group in the late afternoon.

September 18, 2016

A little cooler this weekend, at least for the start. We got brief glimpses of Fall last week, with some lows around 60 at night. Still very dry with some rain promised for the next couple of days.

Linker started the day off yesterday with a half that luckily was in cooler weather, but still humid. Then everyone went down to Arundel Mills Mall for the first time since late last year. Everyone took a turn at the shooting range in Bass Pro Shops. There was also a visit to the Lego Store before having lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. The rest of the afternoon was spent with Linker getting a haircut and then watching some college football with Deb. JJ came over for awhile in the afternoon and played some outside with Seth.

Everybody except Linker made it to church this morning. Linker watched the Singapore Grand Prix which Nico Rosberg won despite a late charge by Daniel Ricciardo. After lunch, Linker and Ian watched “Captain America: Civil War” before he was to head off to his youth group later. JJ came over again to play with Seth in the late afternoon.