May 22, 2016

The wet month of May continues. Saturday was pretty much a washout as it rained all day. Linker managed to get in a 12 mile run in the morning. Deb and Linker made it out to lunch at The Steakhouse and then watched “In the Heart of the Sea” in the afternoon. Unfortunately the sump pump gave out in the evening, and we had to call the plumber for an emergency repair. Everyone was thankful we were at least home at the time it gave out.

After church, Linker and Ian played some Forza Motorsport 6. Linker plans to watch the Indy pole qualifying this afternoon. It is raining again today, so that might it for much of the activities. Ian does have his next to last youth group meeting of the school year this afternoon.

May 15, 2016

Had a busy weekend, with some rest. Linker and Ian started off the weekend by running the Race Against Traffick 5K and having a good time. They made it to the finish line with a run/walk combo of 38:08 after enjoying playing cornhole before the race. The rest of the day was spent pretty much around the house enjoying some decent weather before some afternoon storms.

Sunday morning everyone made it over to church. Linker actaully enjoyed a seven mile run before church and then changed the oil in Deb's Jeep. After lunch, Linker mowed the lawn and then watched a replay of the Spanish Grand Prix. Ian is supposed to go to his youth group later this afternoon.

May 8, 2016

A wet weather week. Deb's mom was here all week, so Deb and her went up to Lancaster one day and spent the better part of the week together. It rained most of the week here, up to Saturday morning.

Saturday morning Linker started off the day with a 12 mile run. Then in the afternoon, Linker and the boys went to the Senator Theater to see “Captain America: Civil War”, which they all enjoyed and all said it was really like Avengers 3.

Everybody made it to church this morning. After church, Everyone went down to watch the Orioles play the Oakland As at Camden Yards. It was windy but warm at the ballpark. The Orioles won 11-3, which included a six RBI day by Manny Machado, including a grand slam home run.

May 1, 2016

Linker took Thursday and Friday off last week, so he had some well deserved time off. He started off Thursday with a 2:03 half down at Druid Hill Park. Then he and Deb went over to try the All-American Steakhouse out on Joppa Road for lunch, which they both enjoyed the lunch specials.

On Friday, Linker started the day by taking the boys' old bikes off to the dump to be recycled. Then he and Deb went to get a new router over at Best Buy. After getting it installed, which was pretty simple, except for one setting that was figured out on Saturday, they went out to lunch at Chili's. Then Deb went to pick up her Mom at the airport while Linker waited at home for the kids to get out of school.

Saturday, Linker started out the day with a seven mile run which he enjoyed. Then the time was spent getting ready for Seth's tenth birthday party. We had a full house, with Seth's friends JJ and Kaden here, along with Pat, Kate, Penny, Laurie, Tricia and Pierce. Seth had gotten his bike last week, but he also got a scooter and a Monopoly game for the XBOX One that he enjoyed. In the evening, everyone watched a rental of “Everest” that Linker had gotten off Netflix.

Everybody made it to church this morning. It is very rainy today, so there will not be much else going on. Linker watched a replay of the Russian Grand Prix which Nico Rosberg won, making it his seventh win in a row. Seth went over to Barnes and Nobles to use a gift certificate he had gotten for his birthday on a few books. Ian is scheduled to go to his youth group later this afternoon.

April 23, 2016

Had a full week. Seth and Ian had their belt tests Wednesday night. Both passed, and got their super green and super yellow belts, respectively, at the belt ceremony Friday night.

Saturday started out rather cloudy and misting, but turned out to be a pretty nice day. Linker started off the day with a 12 mile run that was a bit rough given the higher temps and humidity. Later that morning, Seth, Deb and Linker went over to Wal-Mart and got Seth a new bike for his birthday. Linker also got some new flowers for the front porch. In the afternoon, Linker mowed the lawns and Seth went over to a friend's house for a sleepover birthday party. Deb and Linker watched “Spectre” in the evening.

Today started off cool, but quickly warmed up. Ian decided he wanted a new bike with his Christmas and birthday money, so Linker and he went to Target in the morning and got one. Ian rode it around while Linker did some pruning on the tree out front. No real plans after lunch today, but Ian does have his youth group meeting tonight.