August 31, 2014

Well, this summer has sure flown by. Got caught up again in a very busy Sundy last weekend, so it's catch up time again on the blog.

Two Saturdays ago, the family went to the Maryland State Fair on a rather cool and rainy day. Everybody had a good time however, as when the rain got too hard we ducked into one of the buildings to either look at exhibits, livestock, or to have lunch. Linker and the boys rode the big Ferris wheel a couple of times. The smaller rides were now in a separate section of the midway, which everyone thought was a great improvement.

After church last Sunday, Linker and the boys went to see the Aberdeen Ironbirds in action against the Lowell Spinners. It was a tight game that everyone enjoyed, but the Ironbirds ended up losing in the 10th 3-2. After they got home, the Milligans came over for dinner and a one-day-delayed showing of the season premiere of Doctor Who.

During last week, the boys still had Monday and Tuesday off. On Wednesday, Seth started third grade and Ian started sixth at Perry Hall Middle School. Ian enjoyed the new environment, and Seth enjoyed being back at Joppaview.

Friday night, we had tickets to the club level of the Orioles game, so everybody went to the park. Seth had never been on the club level, and Ian only there on a tour, so it was a treat for them. The game itself was a bit of a route, with the Orioles winning 9-1 against the Minnesota Twins. It was fun to watch, however, with the highlight being Chris Davis hitting a grand slam home run in the fourth.

Yesterday morning was spent around the house until the afternoon. Then everyone packed into the car, picked up Leslie Milligan, and went to the Senator Theater to see the 30th anniversary showing of Ghostbusters. Everyone had fun and then went out to dinner to Italian Sensation. Leslie stuck around to watch the new episode of Doctor Who.

Today after church, Ian is planning to go over to his friend Chad's house for a sleepover. The weather is not supposed to be too good for the rest of the day today or tomorrow with rain in the forecast. So inside activities will probably be the order of the day for tomorrow, and hopefully some NHRA actions from the Nationals at Indy.

August 17, 2014

Long time between entries as from the first of August up to yesterday, at least some of us were up in Michigan. It was a good two weeks hitting up the normal places we go. Deb and Linker did have one special trip over to Canada and Point Pelee National Park. They enjoyed going out to the southernmost point of mainland Canada and walking through the marshlands. They enjoyed a late lunch at Paula's Fish Place, the same spot they had eaten at many years ago.

Linker had to come home to work last week, but did stop to pay his respects at the Flight 93 Memorial on his way home. He also went to the Orioles game the next day, with the Orioles losing to the Cardinals 8-3.

Deb and the boys got home yesterday. Linker took the boys to get haircuts while Deb did some shopping and unpacking.

Today was a bit of a recovery day from all the traveling. Seth and Linker played a little bit of catch with a soft call in the morning. In the afternoon, Linker and the boys went over to the Senator Theater to see the Guardians of the Galaxy which they all enjoyed.

July 27, 2014

We continued to have a cooler summer this week, with only a bit of rain late Wednesday.

This was a pretty laid back week as we prepared to go up to Michigan next weekend. Linker went for a 13.5 mile run on Saturday morning, which had a lot lower humidity than normal. He then checked out the cars and made sure they were OK to go to Michigan.

Today after church, Linker had to play snake wrangler for our neighbor Pat as a black snake had found its way under the heat pump. He safely relocated it back to the woods. Ian went to play with his friend Chad and Linker and Seth played some games of Star Wars: Battlefront on the old Xbox. Deb went by the Milligan's church to help get ready for the vacation bible school this week, as she is in charge of the snacks.