August 30, 2015

Seemed like a busy week. Seth decided to try his hand at Tae Kwon Do, and seemed to enjoy it after two classes, so he will probably continue. Linker unfortunately found out he had a small kidney stone late in the week, but so far it is not causing too many problems.

Yesterday Linker had the Dreaded Druid Hills 10K down in Druid Hill Park. He finished in 55:18, which was just a few seconds slower than last year. He was happy the kidney stone didn't seem to bother him much either before or after the race.

After the race, Linker joined the rest of the gang up at the Timonium Fairgrounds for the Maryland State Fair. As usual, they enjoyed looking at all the animals and riding the rides. Deb and Seth actually stuck around later in the afternoon than Linker and Ian, who took off about 1:00. Linker ran some errands after he got home.

Today after church, was pretty much spent around the house. Temps were giving us a last glimpse of summer as they were close to 90°. Seth's friend JJ came over to play for a bit after lunch.

August 23, 2015

Had a laid back weekend for the last weekend of the boys' summer vacation. Hard to believe that Ian starts 7th grade tomorrow and Seth starts 4th grade.

Did have a good time last Wednesday going to the Aberdeen Ironbirds game. Seth and some of his fellow students from Joppaview sang the anthem. Unfortunately mother nature did not cooperate too well. Everybody got to see the final 2.5 innings of a makeup game versus the Staten Island Yankees which the Ironbirds won 2-1. But the game where Seth helped perform the anthem only lasted 1.1 innings before being called by heavy rain. The whole gang did make a memory though by watching the Orioles game on the scoreboard before calling it a night.

Linker went for a nice half run yesterday, with temps in the low 60s with low humidity. In addition to running errands, Linker took the boys to get haircuts in the morning before cutting the grass.

Today after church, Ian went over to his friend Chad's house for part of the afternoon. Linker and Seth went up to Perry Hall Park, and then Seth's friend JJ came over to play for a part of the afternoon.

August 16, 2015

Deb and the boys came back yesterday from their additional week up in Michigan. They had a good time doing everything from going to Cabela's to bowling during the week. The boys also attended Vacation Bible School at Deb's mom's church. They had good weather coming home.

Linker went down to Druid Hill Park for a nice half marathon run in the morning and then did some rounding at the hospital before the rest of the family got home. The rest of Saturday was spent unpacking and getting settled back home.

Today after church, Linker changed the oil in Deb's Jeep as it was due after all the driving in the last month. The rest of the afternoon was spent inside as the temperatures went into the 90s as it did yesterday. Seth's friend JJ came over to play for a good part of the afternoon.

August 9, 2015

Another couple of busy weeks. The last week of July the boys spent in their summer camp while Linker was at work. Friday night the 31st of July everyone went down to the Orioles to watch them play the Tigers at Camden Yards. The Tigers jumped out to an early lead, but the Orioles came back to win 8-7 with fireworks as an added bonus after the end of the game. Linker's work had the tickets for sale, so it was nice to have his work mates along as well.

The next day, everyone slept in a bit and then headed to Detroit. We had good weather for the trip up there and for the most part, no rain the whole first week. Linker finally got in a full half distance at the park next to Deb's mom's house on Sunday.

Monday saw Deb and Linker go to Cablea's in the morning, and then Las Galanes in Detroit for lunch and La Gloria Bakery to pick up tamales. Tuesday everyone went over to Greenfield Village where the boys especially enjoyed the large playground. They also got to play their annual game of “Graces” on the main lawn.

Wednesday Deb and Linker went on the Ford Rouge Plant Tour. They had two neat theater shows at the start, but their favorite part was the Dearborn Truck Plant tour where you could see the new Ford F-150 being built.

The rest of the week was a little laid back, but Linker and the boys managed to catch two movies: “Ant-Man” and “Fantastic Four”. Ant-Man was fun, but Fantastic Four got mixed reviews.

Linker headed back yesterday, while Deb and the boys are staying another week in Michigan. Linker went down to watch the Nationals play the Colorado Rockies today, primarily to see Max Scherzer pitch. Tough game with a no decision for Scherzer as the Nats fell to the Rockies 6-4.