January 27, 2013

Had a very cold week with temperatures down in the teens on several nights this week, along with temperatures barely in the 20s during the day. Thursday morning there was a small dusting of snow, along with about an inch of snow on Friday afternoon.

Yesterday was spent mostly inside, but Linker and the boys did go to visit The Baltimore Museum of Art. a good part of the museum was undergoing renovations, but the boys did get to see the modern art section that was previously under renovation.

Today after church, Ian went with his friend Chad down to the National Aquarium for the afternoon. Linker and Seth played some old favorites on the PS3 like Toy Home and Hamster Ball, a game of Battleship, and then took a quick trip to the library.

January 20, 2013

Lucked up and had another mild weekend, and this time there was not the heavy fog on Sunday. Temps were in the low 50s for highs even though it was a bit breezy in the afternoon. This was expected to change rapidly this week with the lowest temps of the season expected mid-week.

The whole gang packed up and went down to Bass Pro Shops yesterday. The boys marveled at the new 120 pound catfish in the aquarium. Then it was off the the Lego store and lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings.

After lunch, they got a treat to play awhile at Dave and Busters before heading home at playing some baseball out on the hard court at the boy's school. The boys also had their friends Ethan and JJ over to watch Ice Age: Continental Drift in the late afternoon.

Today after church, Linker helped Seth put together his Lego set he got yesterday. After lunch, Linker and the boys went up again to the school to practice baseball and play a bit on the playground. Linker and Deb planned to watch the AFC Championship after dinner, which the Ravens are taking on the New England Patriots.

January 13, 2013

We had a quite warm weekend, although today was much cooler and more foggy than expected.

Yesterday, Linker and the boys went to Play it Again Sports and got Ian a new bat and Seth a baseball glove. They signed up for baseball this Spring, with Seth in Clinic and Ian in minor league. After lunch, they went up to the schoolyard and Ian got some good hits with his new bat and Seth broke in his new glove and got some good hits himself.

Later that afternoon, the boys went over to their friends' Katie and Ethan's house and played. Linker and Deb watched the Ravens beat the Broncos 38-35 in a double overtime thriller.

Today after church, the boys went over their friend Chad's house to play for the afternoon. Deb watched more football while Linker read some on his new Google Nexus 7 with his money from birthday and other savings. And in a final act of the holiday season, Linker took the Christmas tree from the field to await the recycle truck tomorrow.

January 6, 2013

Had an OK first week of the year. Linker ended up getting the stomach bug on New Year's Eve, so New Year's Day was spent for him on the couch. He had a nice ice cream cake on Thursday for his birthday.

Yesterday everyone packed into the car to go down to Cantler's, only to find out that it was closed for renovations for the month of January. In one of those happy accidents, they went to a restaurant that Linker had always want to try, Hemingway's. It is just on the other side of the bay bridge, so the entire gang had a great view of the bridges and the Chesapeake Bay while they ate.

Today after church, Linker and the boys went to the The Walters Art Museum to make some painted cards and look around the museum. Deb stayed home and watched the Ravens beat the Colts in the first round of the playoffs. Seth's friend JJ came over later in the afternoon and they played some video games to wind down the day.