July 29, 2012

Somewhat laid back weekend as we will be on vacation most of the next week, so kept it pretty close to home this weekend.

Yesterday after a morning run and taking the boys to the barber shop, Linker and the boys went over to the Maryland State Game and Fish Protective Association to shoot some arrows at the practice range. In the afternoon, they went to see Ice Age Continental Drift. Good movie, especially the parts with Scrat.

Today after church, it was a relaxing afternoon with about the only activity being Linker checking out some of the workings on the new Jeep for the eventual first oil change.

July 22, 2012

Linker and Ian enjoyed some abnormally cool and cloudy weather with temperatures just in the 70s, to go up to Maple Grove Raceway for the Super Chevy Show. They enjoyed watching the drag racing and seeing Jill Canuso from Hanna Motorsports race her jet dragster again. Jill won her race, running 301 mph and setting a track record for her class with a 5.198 ET. It was a rainy day back home, but Deb and Seth did get out to go bowling while Linker and Ian were at the racetrack.

Today after church, Seth and Linker took at trip down to the B&O Railroad Museum to look around the roundhouse and to spend some time on the playground. Linker mowed the yard after coming back and then watched some NHRA racing from Denver in the late afternoon.

July 15, 2012

Had a fairly busy weekend. Linker had taken the day off on Friday. Deb had been keeping an eye on used cars at CarMax where we had purchased our current Jeep. She found one we both wanted to take a look at Thursday night. So Friday morning, we went over with Linker's truck and ended up coming home with a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee with less than 16,000 miles. Hopefully it will serve us for years to come. Linker was a little sad to part with his pickup, but with the older Jeep, he'll have a much easier time in bad weather.

Saturday the whole gang jumped into the new Jeep to go down to Washington D.C. Seth had never been, so it was a new trip for him. He liked going on the subway and got a kick out of the automatic door closing announcements. Ian and Linker showed him around their usual haunts, including going to Tortilla Coast for lunch. Then they walked by the capitol and went through United States Botanic Garden so Seth could see the Children's Garden and water some flowers. They also took a tour through the Air and Space Museum before heading back home.

Today after church, Linker took Seth up to one of the local parks to play for a little bit. Seth likes to play a restaurant owner and sold Linker all three meals. After a few turns on the swings though, the 90 degree heat got to them and both headed back to the air conditioned indoors with the rest of the gang.

July 8, 2012

Linker had Wednesday off to celebrate July the 4th, so the whole gang went down to Bass Pro Shops on Saturday and looked at the boats, fish, and played the arcade shooting game. They walked all around the mall, including the Lego Store, and had lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings.

After lunch, the boys got a treat as we spent some time in Dave and Busters playing video and other types of games. Ian ended up with enough tickets to get "Skipper" from the Penguins of Madagascar show, while Seth got the boomerang bird from the Angry Birds video game.

Yesterday, Linker and the boys went to the The Walters Art Museum and decorated some flags for the art project and then wandered around the museum. Except for one quick trip to the Mall to replace Ian's broken Nintendo DS, the rest of the day was spent indoors as the temperature went up to 104 degrees in the afternoon.

Today after church, Linker did some yard work and then watched some drag racing in the afternoon. There was also a round of Monopoly with Seth and a couple of games of Chess with Ian.

July 1, 2012

Linker had the last two days of the last week off, so he and Deb could take some time off together while the boys were in summer camp. On Thursday, they went to over to Towson and the Cheesecake Factory for lunch. In the afternoon, Linker managed to run a lot of errands including getting a new pair of glasses.

Friday, Linker and Deb headed up to Chesapeake City to walk around the town and look in the shops. They ended up eating at the Tap Room Crab House where Linker enjoyed some crabs and Deb had a good hamburger.

They then went over back down to the Hollywood Casino to try their luck. Deb had a little luck at slots and Linker had some at the Blackjack machine, but no great winnings. Their last stop was Wegmans in Bel Air so Deb could show Linker around the store.

Friday night we had some very bad storms after temperatures around 102 that left many without power around here and especially close to DC. We kept pretty close to home yesterday, except for a trip to the mall to get the boys a copy of Lego Batman 2 to play on the Playstation 3.

Today after church, everyone really tried just to keep cool indoors. Lots of video game playing and watching TV as the temperature got up to 98.