March 25, 2012

A rather gloomy weekend after a fabulous first week of Spring. After temperatures in the 80s, and clear skies, we had nothing but clouds and rain.

Yesterday, Linker managed to sneak in a six mile run before the rains came. He took the boys for haircuts and then to the The Walters Art Museum in the afternoon.

Today after church, Linker cut the yards after gassing up the mower for the first time this year. In the afternoon, Ian's friend Chad came over to visit and the boys played video games and also played a bit outside.

March 18, 2012

Hard to believe this was the last weekend of winter. Temperatures hovered around 70°, as they had all week. Many of the trees are blooming, as well as flowers like the daffodils.

Yesterday, Linker and boys did some shopping at Home Depot in the morning while Deb did some work on her latest editing job. They also went to see The Lorax in the afternoon. All enjoyed it, and then went to play outside up at their school and enjoy the great weather outside.

Today after church, it was a little cooler than it had been, but the boys were able to play outside and Ian's friend Nick came over to visit. Deb and Ian are also going to the Casting Crowns concert downtown tonight to which they have been looking forward to seeing.

March 11, 2012

Almost done with what has turned out to be an incredibly mild winter here. Temperatures were in the 70s a few days this week and promises of more of the same this coming week.

After linker went for a run and changed the oil in the pickup, he and the boys went down to the B&O Railroad Museum to watch them use the turntable to actually move train cars around. They were lucky enough to be right by one that was being moved, a larger one that was used for measuring clearances in tunnels. The other car that was moved was a street car that used to be on the Fells Point line. The boys also enjoyed playing outside in the rail yard before and after the demonstration.

After church, today, Ian went to see a friend of his from school in the afternoon. Linker, Deb and Seth went over to the archery range. Seth did very well after a few ends and shot several ends over about an hour. Seth them went to a friend's house in the afternoon.

March 4, 2012

Had some warmer weather this week, which everyone is hoping is a sign of Spring. Had some rain in the latter half of the week, including some thunderstorms for the first time this year.

Yesterday the whole gang went down to Bass Pro Shops to get Seth a quiver and to play the arcade games. They also went for a walk around the more and both the boys picked out a Star Wars Lego set to put together in the afternoon. Lunch was enjoyed at Buffalo Wild Wings in the Mall.

Today after church, Linker and the boys went up to the schoolyard to play a little baseball. It was rather cold and windy though, so the rest of the day was spent indoors.