May 28, 2012

Had a really good Memorial day weekend. On Saturday, Linker and Ian went to the Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series at Maple Grove Raceway. It was rather hot, but they made it through most of the sportsman categories and then had a meal and some ice cream at the Windmill Family Restaurant. Deb took Seth to Kiddie Crusoe, which he enjoyed.

Deb and the boys went to church yesterday morning while Linker had a day of watching all the races on TV including a good F1 race at Monaco and another great finish at the Indy 500. He also watched the World 600 at night. The boys and Linker also played a round of chess and the Lord of the Rings trivia game while the races were on.

Today saw highs near 90, but Linker got a early run in and then he and Ian waxed and cleaned Deb's Jeep. Ian also treated the leather seats in the camaro for the season with some leather wipes. For lunch, Linker grilled up some hamburgers, hot dogs, and corn on the cob.

May 20, 2012

Had a nice stretch of weather in the later half of this week. Linker took off Thursday and Friday so he could attend the boys' field days at school. Seth had his first field day on Thursday afternoon which he really seemed to enjoy. Ian had his field day moved from Tuesday morning due to rain to Friday morning, which worked out well for Linker.

On Saturday, Linker went up to Aberdeen Proving Grounds for the Armed Forces Day 10K. He had a good time in his first official 10K, and posted a time of 53:31. He was looking for a time under an hour, so that worked out great.

After the race, Linker went to meet Deb and the boys at Annie's Playground where they were playing with their friend Chad. The boys went over to Chad's house, so Deb and Linker went out to El Salto for lunch.

Today, both Deb and Seth were under the weather, so no church today. Instead, Linker and the the boys (after Seth perked up a bit) washed and waxed the camaro and washed the Jeep and truck in the morning. After lunch, Linker took Ian to see The Avengers which Linker had seen before with Deb and Ian enjoyed as well. Then Seth and Linker took a ride in the camaro with the top down to a local park.

May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

We all celebrated Mother's Day a day early yesterday with a trip down to Annapolis and to Cantler's. Everyone had a good meal, but the place was packed as the Annapolis Triathalon was that morning. In the afternoon, the Moms enjoyed reading on the porch, while Linker changed the oil in the Jeep and did some other chores. Seth and Linker went to the video game store and he got a game for the XBOX360 and for his Nintendo 3DS with some of his birthday money.

Today after church, the whole gang went down to wath the Orioles play the Tampa Bay Rays. The Orioles had a rough start, being down 7-1 at one point, but almost battled back, eventually losing 9-8. Both Moms enjoyed the game. Seth seemed to enjoy his first Orioles game, even though we left after the fifth inning.

May 6, 2012

This was Seth's big weekend as he turned six on Friday. He got a new bike that afternoon after school. After a few tries with Linker, he was riding without training wheels really well.

Yesterday, we celebrated his birthday with a cookout. Deb's mom had come in for his birthday, so she along with Pat, Kate, and Laurie were there to celebrate. Seth got a few more presents, including some Orioles shirts and shorts. Later, his friend JJ came over to play with him. Despite a quick rain shower in the afternoon, they played a lot inside and outside the whole afternoon.

Today after church, everyone and Deb's mom went to Jerusalem Mill Village. The boys had a good time playing on the rocks in the river, although Seth probably got a little wetter than he wanted. They toured all the shops and the store since Deb's mom had not been out there before. After they got back, Seth and Ian both spent some time playing with friends.