November 25, 2012

Had a nice long thanksgiving weekend. The first two days had surprisingly nice temperatures in the high 50s before it turned cold this weekend.

For Thanksgiving dinner, the whole gang went up to MacGregor's in Havre de Grace. They had fun spotting the trains as they went across the bridge. Linker had the traditional turkey dressing, Deb had fish and chips, Ian had spagetti, and Seth had his usual faire. They all enjoyed a nice walk down to the docks on the Susquehanna River after lunch.

After lunch, Linker changed the oil in Deb's Jeep. The boys and Linker enjoyed the mild weather after that and went up to their school to play some baseball.

On Friday, Linker started out the day with a nice 10K run up Honeygo Road. Then the whole gang went down to the B&O Railroad Museum, to check out the Lego model trains. Santa arrived by a steam locomotive this year, which was different than his usual caboose, but was a little hard to see. The boys made their own ornaments for the Christmas tree before heading home for lunch. Linker and Ian took a walk down to 7-11 to get a Slurpee for Ian and some lottery tickets for Linker.

Saturday was a little more laid back. Linker got a Black Friday deal on a backup drive at Best Buy, so he picked that up and worked with it most of the day. Linker's Jeep also needed some work so he dropped it by Melvin's. While Deb and Seth went to one of Seth's friend's birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese, Linker and Ian watched the latest Spider-Man movie that Deb had given Linker for their anniversary.

Today after church, Linker watched the last F1 race of the year, and the last on the SPEED channel. It was rather cold and windy outside, so the boys watched TV and played video games for the rest of the afternoon.

November 18, 2012

Had a fun weekend with surprisingly warm temperatures. On Friday night the whole gang went downtown to see the Baltimore Blast play the Milwaukee Wave. The Blast came out strong and ended up beating the Wave 15-4. Seth seemed to enjoy his first trip to a Blast game.

On Saturday, Linker took the boys to archery class in the morning. Ian finally made his way down to the 20-yard target and did really well. In the afternoon, Linker and Ian took a walk to the local 7-11 to get a drink and enjoy the last of the Fall leaves.

Today after church, it was a pretty laid back afternoon. The boys played Minecraft on the XBOX 360 and computer. Deb watched football while Linker watched the F1 race from Austin, Texas in the afternoon.

November 11, 2012

A thankfully quieter week here, although the threatened snow from a noreaster only brought us some rain early in the week. Had what will probably be the ;ast really nice weather weekend of this year.

After Linker and the boys got back from archery lessons yesterday, Linker took advantage of the good weather to turn the pipes off outside and some other little work around the house. Ian and Seth had their friends Katie and Ethan over for awhile in the afternoon. Linker cheered on the Aggies, who upset number one Alabama 29-24 in a thriller of a game.

Today after church, Ian and Seth went over to their friend Chad's house for most of the afternoon. Linker and Deb watched some of the Ravens game together and then Linker watched the season-ending NHRA finals from Pomona.

November 4, 2012

The early part of last week was dominated by Hurricane Sandy. We received a little over nine inches of rain here and high winds. We never lost power although many others did. Ian and Seth had Monday and Tuesday off from school because of the weather.

Wednesday was Halloween and Ian went as the ghost from Scream and Seth went as Luigi from Mario Brothers. They went with their friends Chad, Katie, and Ethan and their families so they had quite a crowd and came back with lots of candy.

Yesterday was the first day of Fall archery lessons and both the boys went. There was a full house, but they still got to shoot two ends each. In the afternoon, Ian and Linker went to pick up their race bibs for today's race and then to spend some of Ian's birthday money. Ian ended up getting a used IPod and a video game for his 3DS XL. After they got back, Linker mowed the yards one last time and then ran the lawnmower out of gas for the winter.

Today while Deb and Seth went to church, Ian and Linker ran the Honeygo Family 5K together. It was Ian's first 5K and he did a great job with a run/walk combination. The boys played a little outside with their friends in the afternoon due to a rare glimpse of the sun. Deb and Linker watched some of the Ravens game.

October 28, 2012

This was the weekend that was spent in anticipation of the storm that is Hurricane Sandy. Linker cleaned up the porches and stowed most everything that would blow away in the shed yesterday. After that, Linker and Ian went for a training run up at Honeygo Park for their 5K next weekend.

Linker went back up to the park to vote in the afternoon and spent close to two hours in line for early voting. After he got back, he took the boys up to the park by the library so they could play on the swings and have some fun outside. They also took a quick trip to the library so they could get a few new books.

Today after church, the boys went over to their friend Chad's house to play in the afternoon. Linker and Deb watched some football together and then Linker watched some drag racing.