October 28, 2012

This was the weekend that was spent in anticipation of the storm that is Hurricane Sandy. Linker cleaned up the porches and stowed most everything that would blow away in the shed yesterday. After that, Linker and Ian went for a training run up at Honeygo Park for their 5K next weekend.

Linker went back up to the park to vote in the afternoon and spent close to two hours in line for early voting. After he got back, he took the boys up to the park by the library so they could play on the swings and have some fun outside. They also took a quick trip to the library so they could get a few new books.

Today after church, the boys went over to their friend Chad's house to play in the afternoon. Linker and Deb watched some football together and then Linker watched some drag racing.

October 21, 2012

Had a nice long weekend. Deb's mom had come down for Ian's birthday, so Linker took the day off on Friday and the whole gang went down to Washington D.C. They saw most of the normal spots, taking the MARC train down to Union Station and then walking up to the Capitol.

After going through the visitor center, they went over to Tortilla Coast for lunch. They then went over to the Air and Space Museum for a visit and then a quick trip to the White House to take a walk along Pennsylvania avenue and take some pictures. They then went back to Union Station to look at the shops, especially Barnes & Nobles, and then took the train back home.

Yesterday was Ian's big 10th birthday party. He had his friends Chad, Laura, Katie, Ethan, and JJ over for pizza and a giant chocolate chip cookie cake. Pat also came over and helped out. The kids had a good time decorating pumpkins and then playing outside and then a few video games. Ian's big present was a Nintendo 3DS XL, which he enjoyed playing into the evening. He also got some gift cards and money with which he planned to buy a few books.

Today after church, Linker took Ian for a training run for an upcoming 5K up at Honeygo Park. Then after lunch, Deb and her Mom took Ian and Seth over to Barnes & Nobles so Ian could spend a gift card he got for his birthday. Linker took Seth over to Huber's Farm later in the afternoon to go on a hayride and on some of the moonbounces.

October 14, 2012

Had a great weather weekend which started out with the first frost of the year on Saturday morning. Linker braved the chilly early morning temperatures to run the half marathon at the Baltimore Running Festival. He was very happy to beat his old time by four minutes, with a finishing time of 2:07:59. The weather was great and warmed up into the 50s by the race time, and the wind was much more calm than usual as well.

Deb, Ian, and Seth took a trip with some friends to Summers Farm just west of Frederick. They had a good time on the hayrides and bouncing on the giant pillow.

Today after church, Linker took the boys to get a haircut. The boys then went over to their friend Chad's house to play while Deb and Linker watched the Ravens play the Cowboys.

October 7, 2012

Busy week for all of us. Linker attended a conference for his professional organization from Wednesday through Friday afternoon over in Cambridge. There were a number of good speakers and he enjoyed catching up with some of his colleagues that he rarely sees anymore.

Yesterday, Deb and Seth went over to Chapel Hills Nursery to see what they had for their Fall Festival. Seth enjoyed going on some of the rides, but enjoyed the petting zoo the most of all.

Meanwhile, Ian and Linker went up to Maple Grove Raceway for the NHRA Nationals. Ian once again got to meet with his favorite Top Fuel driver Larry Dixon. He and Linker met up with fellow Texas A&M alumni Erica Enders and Brandon Bernstein. They met a ton of other drivers and had a fun time watching the third round of qualifying. Rain threatened all morning, but held off except for a brief shower after the lst run of Q3. They also had a nice after race meal at the Windmill Family Restaurant.

Today was pretty laid back as it was rather cold and rainy. After church, the boys played some video games with their friends. The Orioles were in the playoffs, so all were hoping the game this evening would go on schedule downtown.

September 30, 2012

Had a laid back weekend with some nice weather. On Friday night, the whole gang watch at least some or all of the DVD of the Avengers that came in the mail that day.

Yesterday, there was not much action, but the boys enjoyed playing outside with their friends. Linker watched college football in the afternoon, one of which was Texas A&M beating Arkansas 58-10.

Today Deb and the boys went to church, while Linker went down to Druid Hill Park for the Falls Road 15K. Linker clocked in around 1:27 and had a really good time running through the park and on the Jones Falls Trail. The boys played outside in the afternoon, while Deb watched football and Linker watched drag racing.